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Future Leaders Programme


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1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
The Future of CPG and Retail
Show description

  • – The CPG and Retail industries are undergoing massive changes in recent years which will influence the industries’ outlook and competitive dynamics
  • – Smaller/more agile competitors have challenged the dominance of leading industry players with new business models and innovative consumer offerings
  • – Major disruptions (eg technology, environment) require companies to develop and expand new capabilities
  • – BCG will share its latest perspectives on the ‘view of the future’ and implications for industry participants
  • – Stressing the importance and impact of ‘doing well by doing good’; i.e. delivering both shareholder value and societal value



The session will focus on the main drivers of change of CPG and retail and key implications:

  • – Looking back: what made the difference for companies that out-performed
  • – Looking forward:
  •   — Why the traditional ‘big box’ success model has been challenged
  •   — Key disruptions and what it all means:
  •       1. Amplification of consumer expectations and post-COVID ramifications
  •       2. Continued erosion of traditional scale advantages, the rise of new competitors
  •       3. Radical reshaping of channels, including the digital platform revolution
  •       4. AI-powered transformation of traditional business models
  •       5. A new era of collaboration between CPG and retail
  •       6. Heightened focus on social impact and purpose
  •       7. The need for new capabilities
  •       8. New ways of working and the challenge of attracting/keeping top talent
  •       9. Greater purpose and ‘doing good’ as key component of and driver of future strategy- how ESG focus can be a source of competitive advantage, as opposed to a‘cost’
  • The big imperatives:
  •   — Understanding the ‘new consumer’
  •   — Becoming an ‘always-on’ portfolio manager
  •   — Reinventing the demand model and supply chain
  •   — Upgrading/Digitising the end-to-end capabilities
  •   — Accelerating the ESG Agenda
  •   — Inspiring with purpose
  •   — Synthesis: what will the business look like in 2025 and beyond, how all this changes the way we manage and measure success
  •   — The ‘so what’: what you can ‘take home’ and start actioning right away


  • – Short presentations/real-life case studies
  • – Discussion and debate


  — Marcus Bokkerink, Senior Advisor
  — Chris Biggs, Managing Director & Senior Partner
  — Jessica Frame, Managing Director & Partner
  — Francesco Bellino, Managing Director & Partner