Future Leaders Programme

A Format to Help Define our Industry's Next Generation of Leaders

14 JANUARY-9 JUNE 2025

The Exclusive Programme for Your Future Leaders

Towards a Successful Future!

The core mission of the Future Leaders Programme is to prepare the next generation of our industry’s leaders for the challenges they’ll face when they reach the C-suite and create a professional network that will accompany them throughout their careers.

The 2025 edition of this exclusive programme is designed to provide aspiring leaders with unique insights, valuable skills, and practical experience to propel their careers to new heights. 

Candidates will embark on a transformative journey that combines learning, networking, and CEOs working sessions, all aimed at unlocking their full leadership potential.

The Future Leaders Programme is composed by a class of 50 participants contributing to a series of 7 virtual sessions from January to June 2025, and an in-person module at the Global Summit in Amsterdam. The sessions will be highly interactive and will be facilitated by senior leaders from key knowledge partners.

Join this exciting adventure and be prepared to become the Future Leaders you are meant to be!

How to Nominate a Candidate?

Participants are personally selected by CEOs of CGF member companies – retailers and manufacturers. Each company can nominate up to three high-potential candidates, following the criteria below: 

  • Leaders considered as longer-term potential successors to current members of the Executive Leadership team; 
  • A true leader and team player who believes in the power of collaboration and in the responsibility as leaders to drive change for the better; 
  • Highly curious in their own self-development; 
  • Open to receiving and taking on feedback for continuous improvement as a leader;  
  • Willing to commit to being an active contributor to the programme and accountable for their own development, as well as nurturing and supporting the development of fellow participants. 

Each CGF member company is welcome to nominate candidates. Please send the selected CVs of “high potentials” to Anne Malbrancq. Attendance is limited to 3 participants per company, and one must be a woman.  

Applications for the 2025 class will open in September. The fee for the virtual sessions and the in-person module in Amsterdam is 3,500€ excl. taxes.

Approved candidates will receive an email with a link to register and make payments.

The sessions will start on January 14th, with an opportunity for participants to join the prominent C-suite event the Global Summit for an additional cost.

Any Questions?

More details on the programme are available upon request. Please get in touch with Anne Malbrancq with any questions.