Virtual Knowledge Series

FLP Virtual Knowledge Series


This programme may be subject to change
Becoming a Transformational Leader


  • – Understand the complexities that leaders now face in the world and the role that leaders must now take on in the enterprise. The transformation starts with the leader individually; and with that, they will gain the power to masterfully transform organizations and culture at a time when sustainability, purpose and diversity & inclusion, among other topics, are becoming increasingly important to both consumers and employees.
    – Learn about a breakthrough leadership model that will unlock your internal “Big Four” and create lasting change for you as a leader [attribute to Mobius]
  • Through exploring personal growth trajectory (your internal “Voyager”), connect with individual purpose more deeply

The session will set the context of the world today and how the role of a leader is dramatically changing. Leaders must learn how to adapt and transform themselves first to transform their teams and organization.

Participants will experience a leadership model that will provide self-reflection and mindset change at a very personal level.  Participants will also takeaway a simple language around the “Winning From Within” Big Four framework.



A highly interactive, high energy and participatory session for participants.


Dates are subject to change and will be confirmed shortly