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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
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– For all the talk about agility in recent years, many companies remain complex multi-layered matrices, bureaucratic, political and slow in decision-making; in some ways management systems and organisational set-ups are still ‘stuck in the 90s’
– While the ‘what’ needs to be done seems pretty straight-forward, the ‘how’ often remains elusive as one CEO described it as “opening a can of worms”
– Sharing BCG perspectives on how companies should change the way they are managed and operating, in the context of rapidly changing consumer needs, technological advances and a dynamic business environment


– A diagnosis: what needs to change and why it is so difficult to move the needle

– What does ‘Agile at Scale’ really mean, and what we have learned over the last few years

  • – The major pillars of transformation:
    Aligning around simple and ambitious purpose and ‘definition of winning’
    Fundamentally re-thinking the way you manage for performance
    Focusing on the ~5-10 priorities that really move the needle
    Allocating your most valuable resources strategically and dynamically
    Challenging the traditional matrix organization
    Making maximising consumer/customer value the core operating mantra
    Future-proofing your capability agenda
    Creating a company environment consisting of outstanding staff
    Challenging cultural indulgence
    Choosing your leadership as if your team is striving for Olympic gold
    Making sustainability, diversity & inclusion core to the way you manage

– The ‘so what’: what you can ‘take home’ and start actioning right away


  • – Short presentations
    – Self-assessment
    – Team break-outs
    – Discussion and debate


Konstantinos Apostolatos, Managing Director & Senior Partner
Martin Danoesastro, Managing Director & Senior Partner