Shaping a New Approach to Healthier Lives

Now with more than 10 years of industry support and action behind us, our health and wellness mission began with our Board of Directors, who agreed to three public Resolutions and four Commitments in 2011 and 2014, respectively. These were built upon and leveraged existing proven industry initiatives and commitments and they encouraged retailers and manufacturers to further develop and implement self-regulatory tools to support healthier diets and lifestyles.

These resolutions and commitments still serve as guidance for the work of our new Coalition. They advocate for empowering consumers with products and services and meaningful information to support healthier diets, physical activity, balanced lifestyles and help them make informed choices.

However, as we look to drive progress further and faster and as part of the CGF’s new global strategy, the CHL Coalition of Action members agree to:

  1. dedicate an executive leader accountable for health and wellbeing within his/her company to play a key role in delivering the strategic agenda of CHL;
  2. be supportive of local initiative where you operate and assign resources and capabilities (people, products & services, financial resources) as well as agree to share data to enable learnings;
  3. act as a public advocate for CGF CHL, leveraging the company’s network and supporting the Coalition’s communication strategy and Global Learning Mechanism;
  4. implement CGF’s relevant health-related commitments and resolutions and progress individual company operations, and support the accountability model to report on progress; and
  5. every leader company to take a co-chair/leadership role for at least one local CHL initiative.

“As Members of the Board of The Consumer Goods Forum, we believe that manufacturers and retailers, by working together, have a key role to play in improving the health and wellness of consumers, employees, their families and the communities we serve”.


The Consumer Goods Forum Board of Directors

Foundational Resolutions & Commitments


The Members of the Board of The Consumer Goods Forum (TCGF), believe that manufacturers and retailers, by working together, have a key role to play in improving the health and wellness of consumers, employees, their families and the communities the industry serves.

CGF members continue to:

  • Provide consumers with products, solutions, services and transparent understandable information that empower them to make decisions for a healthy and sustainable diet and healthy life.
  • Encourage a culture of healthy habits for life, promote nutrition and healthy living for all.
  • Engage with all relevant stakeholders to help accelerate and increase the positive impact of collective dialogue and action.




CGF members commit to continue their efforts to support sustainable diets and healthy lifestyles through:

  • Product formulation to meet consumer’s needs and public health priorities.
  • Implementation of reliable product information on pack and on digital platforms to help people make informed choices and usages.
  • Responsible marketing and stop targeted advertising to children under 12 for products that do not fulfil specific nutrition criteria based on scientific evidence and/or applicable national and international dietary guidelines.
  • Expand awareness and delivery of employee health and wellness programs to promote a healthier workforce.



  • Health & Wellness Launched

    2010 – The Board of The Consumer Goods Forum approved the vision, scope, objectives and priorities of our health and wellness work and formalised the Health & Wellness Steering Committee – Nestlé and Royal Ahold appointed Committee co-chairs.

  • Health & Wellness Resolutions Approved

    New industry‐wide resolutions on consumer health and wellness unveiled.

  • Ageing Consumer Report Published

    Stakeholder Engagement Roadmap and Framework of Actions approved; Report published on Understanding the Needs of the Aging Consumer.

  • Health & Wellness Glossary Published

    The Health & Wellness team publish the first Health & Wellness Glossary that looked to standardise the definitions of key health-related terms across the industry.

  • Board Approves Measurement Process

    Board pilot measurement exercise was launched among our 50 Board member companies, part of Board-approved five-year plan and the Steering Committee set about its implementation.

  • New Commitments Announced

    The Board approves four new industry‐wide commitments on consumer health and wellness announced at the Global Summit.

  • H&W Activities Around the World Published

    Team publishes a global mapping of health and wellness activities and programmes run by organisations around the world.

  • H&W Advisory Council Formed

    The team bring together health experts to create the External Advisory Council to advise on progress being made and key challenges to address.

  • Marketing to Kids Implementation Guide

    Together with the World Federation of Advertisers, we published the Marketing Communications to Children Implementation Guide. We also published latest edition of Progress Report.

  • Global Progress Report Published

    The first-ever global Progress Report is published, following on from the successful Board pilot. Team also launch Health & Wellness Toolkit.

  • Case Studies Booklet Developed

    Brining together best practices from the membership, the Healthier Lives Case Studies Booklet is published, focusing on actions towards the Health & Wellness Commitments.

  • New Committee Co-Chairs Elected

    Danone and Walmart were elected co-chairs of the Health & Wellness Steering Committee to help drive future stategies and actions from the H&W team.

  • Collaboration for Healthier Lives Initiative Begins

    Collaboration for Healthier Lives is officially launched. New in-store and community programmes begin in the US, Colombia and Japan.

  • New MoU Signed with PAHO Foundation

    MoU signed with PAHO Foundation. MoU states that both parties agree to work together to foster innovation leading to improved health and wellness outcomes in the region.

  • More CHL Activities Launched in Latin America and Turkey

    Collaboration for Healthier Lives expanded as the team launched CHL Turkey and Costa Rica, and Phase II of CHL Colombia.

  • Health & Wellness Digital Framework Published

    Together with Capgemini, the Global Health & Wellness Digital Framework was published to provide a clear framework for how members can use digital to support healthier lives.

  • CHL Activities Now in 9 Countries

    CHL activities now present in nine countries as new movements launched in the UK, China, Mexico and France.

  • Final Progress Report Published

    Bringing to a close the initial five-year strategy, the final progress report of the Health & Wellness Commitments was published, together the support of Deloitte.

  • Workforce Nutrition Alliance Launched

    The team partnered with the Global Alliance on Improved Nutrition (GAIN) to create the Workforce Nutrition Alliance to support employee health along the supply chain.

  • Progress Report Expands to Cover Entire Membership

    The first Progress Report is published, covering the 50 Board members. Process then opens up to entire membership to measure progress against Health & Wellness Resolutions.

  • Over 100 Stakeholders Part of CHL

    Globally, there are now also 100+ stakeholders engaged in local initiatives for Collaboration for Healthier Lives, including CGF members, academia, health authorities, governments and more.

  • New Coalition on Healthier Lives Launched

    The Collaboration for Healthier Lives Coalition is launched, bringing together 30+ leading companies who have aligned on and committed to actions that will empower people to adopt healthier lives.

  • Ahold Delhaize and Nestlé Co-Sponsor Coalition

    The new Coalition for Healthier Lives is sponsored at the CGF Board-level by the CEOs of Ahold Delhaize and Nestlé, and by Danone and Walmart at the Steering Committee-level.

  • Global COVID-19 Responses Shared

    In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, members have been sharing insights and best practices on mitigating the impacts of the outbreak and protecting the health of people.