Working in Local Communities

Our Coalition is about making it easier for people around the world to adopt healthier lives for themselves and their families. It’s about making healthier decisions easier and habitual for people in every community around the world. It is a global movement led by manufacturers, retailers, public health authorities and local communities, delivering local movements in communities worldwide.

As a collective, we are exploring, experimenting, innovating and evolving business models to support positive change, while sharing data and knowledge at scale, cross-industry. Health is not a competitive advantage; it’s a basic human right. And, it’s clear no company can solve this issue alone. Collaboration is needed at scale and across sectors if we are to play the necessary role in the health and wellbeing of people.

We will measure, learn and evaluate our impact with independent academic leaders on our progress towards healthier baskets, based on local dietary guidelines, increase awareness and access to preventative services and see incremental sales for healthier products in participating stores.

More specifically, we have three core KPIs for each regional campaign: two are at the global level, while the third is dependent on the objectives of each local campaign. Globally, we are focused on driving healthier baskets and increasing awareness on how to live healthier. Regionally, we are addressing the needs of the local community, so specific KPIs could relate to diet-related concerns, smoking, mental health or aging, etc.

Implementing a Global Strategy, Regionally

To drive positive action within communities around the world, we have begun to support initiatives that can be cloned and scaled to move beyond 1:1 collaboration. We currently have activities taking place around the world, from the Americas to Europe to Asia, with more in the pipeline.



Current, Active Initiatives

To learn more about these initiatives, click on the country flag and see exactly what is being done by our members and other key stakeholders to support positive change in that region.