Introducing the WellBeing Journey

Our CHL Turkey initiative was led by Turkish retailer Migros Ticaret, who collaborated with 11 manufacturers, including global and local brands like Danone, Nestle, Lipton and Leroy. In the scope of this initiative, Migros aimed to create awareness and positive behaviour change in customers about healthy living and increase sales of the main food groups. The WellBeing Journey was first launched in April 2018.

The WellBeing Journey, publicly endorsed by Migros Ticaret CEO, who is also CGF Board Member, was designed to create shared value by working as one with the state, manufacturers, employees and customers, in order to build a healthier society. The project was implemented with the integration of both physical and digital channels. The main focus was to analyse the current purchases of customers in order to guide them to healthier purchases thereby supporting a more balanced nutrition.

The project was structured through Migros Mobile, the mobile application used by Migros customers, but was reinforced with physical events at the stores to empower the perception and increase the impact. The project spread all over Turkey and reached a wide audience across 26 stores in 14 cities and three festivals.

The WellBeing Journey was also endorsed by the Turkish Ministry of Health, who allowed Migros to use and reference their resources and data.

Driving Behaviour Change Through Digital

CHL Turkey was the first of our initiatives to really help drive behaviour changes through a mobile app. Migros was able to customise its own app in order to provide consistent messages, personalised wellbeing offers, calorie breakdowns and personalised shopping chart data.  The app also helped promote physical activity and drinking enough water. Together with social media, print media and employee support, Migros was able to deliver a full 360-degree communication strategy to help support its WellBeing Journey.

More specifically, Migros was able to provide its customers with individual analysis of their nutritional habits, which were compared with the balanced nutrition distribution recommended by the Ministry of Health. Customised recommendations were then prepared for each customer and special discounts and offers were presented on the products each customer needed.

The customer’s personalised chart is updated after every shop and a new personalised offer is presented every two weeks. As the project continues, Migros widened the scope of the project. To this end, the non-food phase has started with oral health care in September 2018. Migros added new in-app messages and personalised offers supporting oral care. In collaboration with Turkish Dental Association and seven leading manufacturers, Migros also organized in-store activities.

Delivering Positive Results & Impact

Perhaps the most impressive part of the CHL Turkey initiative was the results. As well as reaching 33,250 customers with face-to-face trainings on healthy living via dietitians and dentists, through its app, Migros also helped to raise the awareness of the importance of balanced nutrition in over 1,300,000 customers in just 9 months. 51% of these customers took up their Wellbeing Offers and took steps toward a healthier lifestyle through a more balanced diet. Therefore, they changed their shopping behaviour as a direct result, while 35% have continued to change their behaviour based on the recommendations being made in the app.

And, as part of a customer satisfaction survey, 91% of respondents said they were happy Migros provided products that support healthy living and 90% said they hope Migros would continue to support healthy living. A total of 72% of users said they regularly follow the in-app recommendations.

As a growing company, Migros has also reported that the customers who went on The Wellbeing Journey created an additional sales growth of 12%, which means an additional 30 product items in terms of basket size. Moreover, 22% of the customers on the Wellbeing Journey were new customers to Migros.   

2019 Updates:

In 2019, Migros made in-app updates by adding “drink water reminder” and “step tracker” features to its app. This has allowed users to receive further encouragement to exercise regularly and stay hydrated interactively.