The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) Forest Positive Coalition of Action, a CEO-led initiative of leading consumer goods companies taking collective action for a forest positive future, has now launched a Beef Working Group as part of its ongoing efforts to remove deforestation, forest degradation and conversion from key commodity supply chains. The Beef Working Group will leverage the collective voice of its members to advocate for forest positive solutions to the environmental challenges associated with beef production. It is open to CGF members, and non-CGF members are welcome to join as observers. This is the Coalition’s fourth Commodity-specific Working Group, following those focused on Palm Oil, Soy, and Paper, Pulp, and Fibre-based Packaging.

To guide members’ collective action, this Working Group will develop a Roadmap outlining the Coalition’s commitments and actions to address deforestation concerns specific to the beef sector. The Coalition has also developed Roadmaps in its other three key Commodity Working Groups, and the Beef Roadmap will follow these Roadmaps’ development process and structure. The Beef Roadmap will also incorporate the Coalition’s four Coalition-wide goals:

  1. Accelerate efforts to remove commodity-driven deforestation from our individual supply chains.
  2. Set higher expectations for traders and meatpackers to act across their entire supply base.
  3. Drive transformational change in key commodity landscapes.
  4. Define measurable outcomes on which all members agree to track and report individually and collectively.

The Forest Positive Coalition was formed in 2020 by The Consumer Goods Forum and brings together 19 of the world’s largest retailers and manufacturers, with a combined market value of $1.8 trillion, to take collective action to remove deforestation, forest conversion and degradation from key commodity supply chains. For more information about the Coalition’s actions to create a forest positive future, visit the Coalition’s website.