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Our Shared Commitments

Across the Coalition and its various working groups, members have committed to four actions which will help drive the transformative change.

The first is to engage with suppliers and traders and ask they implement forest positive business practices that are in line with the Coalition’s mission. This ask and subsequent support from Coalition members is essential in reaching our goal to help businesses operate completely deforestation- and conversion-free. Importantly, members seek to ensure that not only are the products they source from suppliers are forest positive, but that all the products the suppliers create are forest positive as well.

The second is to focus on areas where the Coalition can have the strongest impact. This means focusing on commodities that we know well and whose production methods we can have a real impact in changing, as well as concentrating our efforts in key production landscapes that need immediate action. 

The third is to work with key stakeholders from governments and civil society. A key point in the Coalition’s approach is understanding that there are several drivers of deforestation, and while businesses can make a big impact in stopping them, they can’t do it alone. By working with governments to create enabling environments for forest positive policies and collaborating with NGOs to inform our approach and implement participatory strategies, we know our work will be stronger.  Currently, the Coalition is initially focusing its government engagement efforts in Brazil, China, the European Union and Indonesia.

Finally, members have a strong commitment to working with transparency and accountability. Regularly reporting on progress, consulting and collaborating with stakeholders, and adapting our approach to changing conditions are critical examples of putting this commitment into practice.