Last week, members of the CGF’s global and Latin America Steering Committees met with the PAHO Foundation in Atlanta, US to discuss ongoing health priorities in the Latin America region and areas for possible collaboration. The CGF, in all regions of the globe, is committed to working with key stakeholder groups to help drive positive change at a local level and such meetings are seen as essential steps in making the real, long-term impacts. During the meeting, both parties agreed that more emphasis needs to be on building a stronger culture of prevention than simply looking at ways to manage health-related illnesses. There was also agreement on the important role the consumer goods industry should play in educating people about health. Our Health & Wellness Pillar, with its ongoing mission to drive positive and collaborative change that builds consumer trust and empowers people around the world to live healthier lives, is now more recognised than ever as being part of a global solution.

Founded in 1969, PAHO Foundation (PAHOF) delivers its mission by mobilising resources, convening leaders and collaborating with partners to develop, evaluate and foster the implementation of regionally relevant public health models. These models are intended to have a profound and positive impact on seemingly intractable problems undermining the health and prosperity of people in the Americas. Its goal is to ensure the development of sustainable models that can be replicated and scaled across the Latin America Caribbean region. Over the years, PAHO Foundation has expanded its scope of activities and now works with a variety of partners to accelerate access to universal healthcare to improve and sustain the health of people in the Americas.

Following the formation of the CGF LatAm Board in June 2015, the CGF Latin America Steering Committee held its first meeting in September of the same year. Co-Chaired by Exito and Groupo Bimbo, the Committee is dedicated to inspiring and equipping the industry in Latin America to drive positive actions instore and in communities to guide consumers to choose healthier options and to promote healthier lifestyles. The focus is on improving the health and wellness of people across the region. With its unique mixture of multinational players and local companies, the 

Committee is well placed to collaborate on topics of genuine relevance. One such example would be ongoing initiatives to develop community-based programmes that lead to improved consumer education on health.

The Committee will now continue its dialogue with PAHO Foundation to further investigate areas for collaboration and how the two parties can best work together for the benefit of the health and wellness of people across Latin America, as well as look at launching pilots on community-based programmes. We will also engage our External Advisory Council to provide their expert support for the benefit of this effort and to help move these regional initiatives forward.

CGF Latin America Steering Committee Member Companies:

  • Alicorp 
  • Arca-Continental 
  • Carrefour 
  • Cencosud 
  • Coca-Cola 
  • Danone 
  • DIA Group
  • Exito 
  • FEMSA 
  • Ferrero
  • Grupo Bimbo
  • Hipermaxi 
  • Kellogg’s 
  • Mars
  • Mondelez 
  • Nestlé 
  • Nutresa 
  • PepsiCo
  • Qualtia Alimentos 
  • Sigma Alimentos 
  • Unilever 
  • Walmart