On 8th-9th January, members of the CGF’s Collaboration for Healthier Lives initiative in the US met in Hagerstown, Md, to solidify the activities each company and organisation will execute over the next 6-12 months. During the two-day meeting, the retailer and manufacturer members of the CGF, together with community partners and other key stakeholders, shared their learnings from the initiative and looked forward to 2019 plans.

During the meeting, which was co-chaired by Alex Hurd, Walmart and Margaret Biscarr, PepsiCo, participants explored how CHL’s One for Good campaign had performed in Hagerstown and how further work was needed on appropriately identifying key performance indicators, data points and in-store actions. The group also reviewed Healthy Washington County’s Community Needs Assessment, which identified the top 26 health needs of the local community. The team then narrowed these down to six focus areas under three groupings. Next steps will include the development of a strategy and SMART goals to help address these needs.

Board members from Healthy Washington County also attended the meeting as they look to work with us on setting clear health priorities for the community in 2019. In fact, the CHL US team agreed to align with the objectives of Healthy Washington County to improve the health of the community. This approach was also supported by the local chamber of commerce.

Looking ahead, and with the important support of Oliver Wyman, the team are taking steps to improve the overall measurement and reporting piece of the initiative and on how communications and activities can be ramped up across Hagerstown.

Launched in September 2017, and by partnering with Healthy Washington County, our members rolled out the “One for Good” campaign in retail outlets and communities across Hagerstown to support the community in adopting healthier diets and lifestyles by promoting the idea of One More Healthy Choice, and nudging people to make the healthier choice, be it in store or at home, by making the healthier choice an easier choice.