In a recent article published in Food Dive, The Consumer Goods Forum Managing Director, Wai-Chan Chan, has advocated for companies to adopt increased transparency efforts in order to make real progress against the deforestation crisis. Entitled “Food companies must embrace transparency and accountability to end deforestation,” the article focuses on the need for food manufacturers and retailers to hold themselves accountable by providing public data against clear performance metrics.

The article followed the publication of the CGF Forest Positive Coalition’s first-ever Annual Report, which includes a baseline analysis of Coalition members’ existing public disclosure efforts against the Key Performance Indicators outlined in the Coalition’s first three Commodity Roadmaps.

Collective action and building trust through increased transparency are key, Wai-Chan said, writing, “While collaboration is key to driving consumer goods giants to becoming forest-positive businesses, so too is transparency. Businesses need to be judged on the progress they are making while being honest about the challenges they face.”

Transparency is a true catalyst for change, he added, and also shared a call to action for other businesses outside the Coalition: “Food manufacturers and retailers across the industry must adopt an equally ambitious transparency mindset on a broad scale which will be critical to strengthening public trust in our efforts to tackle deforestation. So, the members of CGF’s Forest Positive Coalition have worked to align themselves with existing public reporting platforms in the development of KPIs — as well as engaging in dialogue to encourage harmonization across the industry.”

To learn more about the Forest Positive Coalition and the work of its 20 member companies to remove deforestation, forest conversion and degradation from key commodity supply chains, visit its website.

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