Concentrating Our Collective Effort

As a Coalition, we have decided to focus on removing deforestation, forest conversion and degradation from the production of four high-demand commodities in our industry. These commodities — palm oil, soy, paper, pulp, and fibre-based packaging (PPP), and beef — are often produced in a way that has devastating impacts on our world’s natural resources.

As a result, the Coalition is in the process of creating Roadmaps for each commodity in individual Working Groups developed per commodity, to guide the transformation needed to implement and practice forest positive production. In line with the Coalition’s vision that collaborative action is key to sustainable change, these Roadmaps have been developed through extensive consultation with various stakeholders, especially NGOs. Each Roadmap includes a set of commitments, an action plan for achieving them, and a set of key performance indicators (KPIs). A full list of the KPIs and Public Information Requirements detailed in the Commodity Roadmaps is available here. The action plans will be implemented over the next 2-3 years.

Guidance on the Forest Positive Commodity Roadmaps 

The Coalition is currently working to develop “Guidance on the Forest Positive Commodity Roadmaps”, which will include supporting information to help businesses with the implementation of each Commodity Roadmap. For palm oil, soy, and paper, pulp, and fibre-based packaging (PPP), these documents will serve as updates and replacements to the CGF Sustainable Sourcing Guidelines for each commodity.


Each Commodity Roadmap has been developed to reflect the specific realities and challenges of the respective commodity. The Roadmaps build on five main elements that combine action both within and beyond supply chains. These elements focus on actions for companies to:

  1. Manage their individual supply chains, working proactively to ensure their own supply bases meet the aligned commitments of our roadmaps.
  2. Work with our suppliers, engaging to implement the same commitments across their entire commodity operations.
  3. Monitor production bases, actively identifying and responding to conversion as quickly and effectively as possible.
  4. Engage in landscapes, working collaboratively with other actors to support forest conservation and restoration with positive outcomes for local communities.
  5. Promote transparency and accountability, committing to regular reporting against agreed on indicators.


Subsequently, each of these five elements include:

  • Commitments all members agree to achieve
  • Actions, both individual and collective, that member companies will implement to deliver on the commitments
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) on which member companies agree to report to provide transparency and demonstration of progress

The CGF Forest Positive Coalition Roadmaps are intended to be living documents which are regularly reviewed and updated. Therefore, they remain in a ‘working format’ for the time being. As it becomes clearer in what way and how often they are updated, the design and layout will be improved. Stakeholders are therefore invited to share their feedback with the FPC team at any time. You can get in touch at

The Coalition was launched in 2020. The Roadmaps for palm oil and soy were published in fall 2020, and the PPP Roadmap was finalised in March 2021, and the Beef Roadmap was published in March 2022. Work on the action plans laid out in the Roadmaps begins immediately after publication.

The KPIs for each Commodity Roadmap have been developed with input from Coalition members, supply chain partners, civil society actors, and other stakeholders, and in alignment with existing transparency and reporting frameworks such as CDP and the Accountability Framework Initiative (AFi), to avoid duplication and encourage harmonisation across the industry.  

Each Commodity Roadmap includes a list of KPIs along with individual and collective actions for member companies to take. All companies are expected to publicly and regularly report against the KPIs outlined in the Commodity Roadmaps (for commodities that are material to their business).

We are looking at the whole forest ecosystem and doing our part to promote and protect multiple interests: forests and the environment, people who live and make their living near forests, and the challenge of feeding a growing planet. We are collaborating to collectively promote and protect forests and the environment and the people who live and make their living near forests. We are working closely with the CGF’s Human Rights Coalition to advance the CGF’s Forced Labour Resolution and we are mainstreaming the CGF’s Priority Industry Principles against forced labour in alignment with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. We are also working to embed actions around the rights of Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities (IPLC) into the Commodity Roadmaps, starting first with palm oil as a pilot commodity.