On November 14th – 16th, Didier Bergeret, Social Sustainability Director attended the International Labour Organization’s “Tripartite Meeting of Experts on Defining Recruitment Fees and Related Costs”, as an observer within the Employers Group.

The ILO Governing Body at its 331st Session agreed to convene a three-day meeting with the objective to review and amend the draft definitions on recruitment fees and related costs based on a global comparative study and thorough analysis of definitions of recruitment fees and costs. They also discussed recommendations of ways to disseminate and use the final adopted definition at the international and national levels by constituents.

Current global estimates state that debt bondage affects half of all victims of forced labour. The CGF’s second Priority Industry Principle – no worker should pay for a job – clearly addresses this driver of forced labour. We believe that the work of the International Labour Organization is critical, as we urgently need to have clearer international guidelines for business, workers and government on this complicated but immensely important element as we unite in the fight against forced labour. The official definition is scheduled to be released in Q1 2019.

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