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Identifying Problematic Employment Practices

We at the CGF have identified three of the most problematic, yet often common employment practices across the world that can lead to cases of forced labour. To counter these three practices, we have produced the Priority Industry Principles, which could help lead to the necessary changes to eliminate forced labour. Our members will work to uphold these practices in their own operations, and will use their collective voice to promote the adoption of these priority principles industry-wide.

Success for our industry can only be achieved if we stand together. It will require collaborative actions on a global scale, so join your peers who are already working to eradicate forced labour from their supply chains. Members interested in collaborating on the issue are welcome to join our member-led groups. Join the fight today!

CGF Priority Industry Principles on Forced Labour

Principles Infographic

Check out the Priority Industry Principles infographic and learn more about why immediate action is needed.

An Introduction to the Principles