In March, our Health & Wellness Steering Committee held their bi-annual meeting in Santiago, Chile. The Committee also hosted its first open stakeholder session, with both local and regional stakeholders joining, to provide more information on the CGF and our health and wellness activities.
During the Steering Committee meeting, a number of priority topics were discussed, including:
  • Turning the Board Vision into Action;
  • Reviewing Progress, Delivery, Communication and Measurement of the Pillars Commitments;
  • Discussing a new scope for Marketing Communications to Children;
  • Accelerating action on public health issues using a 5 step framework as part of our newly-shaped Healthier Communities work;
  • Developing an action plan to bring a better balance to the Pillar’s food / non-food agenda and better engagement with personal care members; and
  • Broadening our external stakeholder outreach and building a solid industry narrative.
We also better understood how health and wellness actions are being implemented on the shop floor with market visits to Cencosud, Walmart and Farmacia Ahumada.
This regional approach in Latin America was supported by the first CGF Board of Directors meeting in Lima in May where the regional CEOs identified health and wellness as a priority area for collaboration among retailers and manufacturers in the region.
To learn more, download the Stakeholder Session Summary.