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In October, our Health & Wellness Steering Committee held their bi-annual meeting in Paris. The meeting, which was later in the year than usual, was hosted ahead of the CGF’s first-ever Sustainable Retail Summit, where Healthier Communities was one of three megatrends discussed.  
During the Steering Committee meeting, key retailer and manufacturer members came together to discuss the direction being taken by the Pillar and the reframing of our agenda, as well as to provide progress reports from each of the working groups. Committee members also got a first glimpse at results from the 2016 implementation survey that was conducted recently. More on this in the coming months. However, we can tell you now that results are positive and progress is being seen.
The meeting was also the first time the full Committee connected with the External Scientific Advisory Council. As part of this discussion, it was agreed to re-name the group so that they could be more inclusive and include experts from other fields, and not just scientists. The group will now be called the External Advisory Council
Lastly, the Committee also held fruitful discussion on its work around Healthier Communities. As the working group’s new leadership team transitions into its role, the team has proposed shifting its focus from collecting best practices for inspiration to designing and executing several collaborative pilots to test the hypothesis that retailers and manufacturers can jointly create healthier practices and lives of the people. Thus, it was agreed to re-name this work as Collaboration for Better Lives in order to better emphasise the need for many-to-many collaborative actions between retailers and manufacturers. You will hear much more on this work in the coming months.