The Sustainable Supply Chain Initiative (SSCI) from The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) is pleased to announce the launch of a joint Synergy Tool with ITC, the International Trade Centre, to help align the efforts of both organisations and support the continuous improvement of sustainability standards used in the consumer goods industry.

The new Synergy Tool will allow Scheme Owners to quickly identify equivalent criteria, evaluate themselves against the SSCI Benchmark’s and ITC’s criteria, and fill in corresponding information only once – avoiding the duplicative work of answering similar questions for each initiative.

This new tool has been developed after several months of collaboration between the SSCI and ITC, who reviewed the 1,650 baseline performance indicators listed in the application to join ITC’s Standards Map and noted alignment with many of the questions in the SSCI Benchmark’s Self-Assessment.

In this regard, the Synergy Tool will help improve the SSCI Benchmark process by pre-filling fields in the SSCI Benchmark’s Self-Assessment with responses schemes already shared with ITC during the process of joining ITC’s Standards Map. Alternatively, applicant SSCI Benchmark schemes that would like to be featured on ITC’s Standards Map can use the new Synergy Tool to transfer their responses from the SSCI Benchmark’s Self-Assessment to the ITC’s Standards Map application.

The ITC Standards Map contains a database of more than 300 sustainability standards and initiatives allowing organisations to easily understand how they can help monitor different aspects of supply chain sustainability, while the SSCI Benchmark recognises those standards that meet industry expectations on key sustainability topics and governance practices.

The ITC also launched a feature in the Standards Map in 2021 to filter, among the list of standards, those that have been recognised by the SSCI.

This latest development is the most recent milestone in a longstanding partnership between the SSCI and the ITC. The SSCI thanks the ITC for its support and looks forward to ongoing collaboration to drive improvement and harmonisation among standards globally.

Several schemes have demoed the new tool as they apply for SSCI Benchmarking or to join the ITC Standards Map. Schemes interested in accessing the Synergy Tool are invited to contact the SSCI team at ssci@theconsumergoodsforum.

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