The Consumer Goods Forum’s (CGF) Sustainable Supply Chain Initiative has today launched a 30-day public consultation on the SSCI Processing and Manufacturing Scope Benchmarking Requirements Version 1.1, covering:

Part I: Benchmarking Process
Part II: Requirements for the Management of Schemes

Following feedback, the SSCI Coalition of Action has approved updates to the Processing/Manufacturing Scope, creating a Version 1.1 of Parts I and II, to be used for all benchmarking activities within the scope. 

In Part I, there has been a removal in 6.2 Objective Evidence, eliminating mention of a document used exclusively by benchmark leaders and hence not relevant to schemes and programmes.  In Part II, additions to two sections have been made to the SSCI Auditor Competence Criteria (section B 3.02) as well as an addition to the SSCI Accreditation Criteria (section B 1.02). The Auditor Competence Criteria has been expanded to offer additional pathways to verify auditor competency. The Accreditation Criteria has shifted to allow for the benchmarking of a wider variety of schemes and programmes. Within the public consultation document, updated sections are in red to ensure visibility.

Following the public consultation, the SSCI alongside independent experts will process the feedback received. SSCI will then provide final recommendations for the validation of Processing/Manufacturing Scope Version 1.1. Consultation feedback will be made publicly available after the SSCI Coalition of Action’s decision. 

How to Get Involved

All supply chain actors are invited to participate. Simply download the consultation documents linked above or on this page, and email your questions and comments to by 4th March 2022.