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Why Hold Public Consultations?

As part of our commitment to providing transparency and credibility, we invite CGF members and external stakeholders to participate in public consultations of benchmarking criteria before their launch. We also host public consultations during the benchmarking process for applicants. 

Open Public Consultations

The SSCI has opened a second public consultation on the Social Criteria for the At-Sea Operations scope. The draft Social Criteria have been updated after the SSCI integrated comments from stakeholders from the first public consultation on the criteria for the At-Sea Operations scope, held in summer 2020. Stakeholders are invited to provide comments on the updated draft Social Criteria until 12th February 2021. Click on the button below to share your feedback, and keep scrolling to access the draft framework, glossary, references, and stakeholder guidance documents.

Any additional questions and comments about the SSCI benchmark criteria can be sent to ssci@theconsumergoodsforum.com.