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Public Consultation Period Closed

Please note that the public consultation took place from 25th July to 23rd September. We would like to thank all participants for their comments and continued support. Please check back for updates.


As part of our commitment to providing transparency, we invited members and stakeholders to participate in the public consultation of the SSCI Benchmarking Criteria for social compliance schemes ahead of their official launch later this year.

The public consultation was open to all stakeholders and interested parties for 60 days until 23rd September 2018.

SSCI has been created by the CGF Board and is led by a Steering Committee of CGF members. The goal of SSCI is to support companies in their supply chain due diligence by recognising robust schemes that drive positive change and address sustainability compliance issues. SSCI is replicating the approach to benchmarking and recognising schemes of the CGF’s Global Food Safety Initiative.

The draft SSCI Benchmarking Criteria have been developed by two Technical Working Groups, made up of CGF members, and were consequently approved by the SSCI Steering Committee. In addition, we reached out to more than 50 selected stakeholders for additional feedback and expert comments during the development process.

SSCI sought broad stakeholder input to their draft Benchmarking Criteria to ensure the right level of expectations towards third-party auditing and certification schemes, and, ultimately, towards suppliers is met. The comments from the public consultation will play an important role for the finalisation of the Benchmarking Criteria.


Download the SSCI Benchmark Leader Qualification


Set up of the Sustainable Supply Chain Initiative

The scope of the SSCI will initially cover social compliance schemes that audit processing and manufacturing operations. SSCI will benchmark both monitoring and certification schemes. The next steps in the development of SSCI will be to tailor the scope to agriculture and fisheries (in collaboration with GSSI) and to expand to environmental compliance. 


The benchmark methodology will include a Self-Assessment, followed by an independent expert review and a public consultation.


The SSCI Benchmark Criteria consist of two main parts:

  • Social Criteria: The SSCI Social Criteria are informed by international reference frameworks such as principles from relevant ILO Conventions, the 1998 Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and the CGF Priority Industry Principles on Forced Labour.
  • Scheme Management Criteria: Criteria that ensure the robust performance of schemes and the effective implementation of the schemes’ procedures and policies (e.g. governance, standard-setting mechanism, relationship with audit firms, etc.). The criteria are mainly based on the Global Food Safety Initiative Scheme Management Criteria and the Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative Governance and Operational Management Criteria.


All essential SSCI Benchmarking Criteria will have to be met to achieve CGF SSCI-recognition, so it is important you take advantage of this opportunity to have your say and help shape the future of sustainability benchmarking in our industry.


Please note that: 
– SSCI will not be another social compliance standard
– Suppliers cannot be audited or certified against it
– SSCI will not be an audit sharing platform or database
– Company codes of conduct will not be recognised
– SSCI will not make a value judgement of other assurance or supplier engagement approaches.



See the project development timeline.


Learn More Via Our Webinars & Workshops

As part of the public consultation, we will offer two in-person stakeholder workshops that will take place at the end of September in Geneva and New York.

Consult our calendar to learn more.