Why Hold Public Consultations?

As part of our commitment to providing transparency and credibility, we invite CGF members and external stakeholders to participate in public consultations of benchmarking criteria before their launch. We also host public consultations during the benchmarking process for applicants. 

Open Public Consultations

The SSCI has opened a stakeholder consultation on its draft Environmental Benchmark Criteria. With the new Environmental Benchmark Criteria, the SSCI Benchmark will be able to recognise independent environmental sustainability certification, auditing, and monitoring schemes and programmes that meet the industry’s expectations for the sustainability topics standards should cover and how assessments should be carried out. Similar to the Benchmark’s scope-based approach to social sustainability, the Environmental Benchmark Criteria will apply to schemes and programmes working in the Manufacturing & Processing; Primary Production; and Forestry sectors. The deadline for feedback to the SSCI team via email is 30th June. Learn more here.