Why Hold Public Consultations?

As part of our commitment to providing transparency and credibility, we invite CGF members and external stakeholders to participate in public consultations of benchmarking criteria before their launch. We also host public consultations during the benchmarking process for applicants. 

Open Public Consultations

The SSCI currently has an open public consultation on Part II of the SSCI Benchmark Requirements (“Requirement for the Management of Schemes” or “Scheme Management Criteria”) which includes elements that focus on the governance of schemes.

To take part in this consultation and help the SSCI in this decision, find out more here download the consultation document here and return it completed to ssci@theconsumergoodsforum.com by the 5th October 2022.

The SSCI has a second stakeholder consultation currently open for the Responsible Fishing Vessel Standard (RFVS), one of the final stages in the benchmarking process against the SSCI Benchmarking Requirements for At-Sea Operations Version 1.0. RFVS is the first third-party certification scheme to apply for SSCI Benchmarking under the SSCI’s At-Sea Operations scope, and is also the second Benchmarking applicant to advance to the public consultation stage in the SSCI Benchmarking Process.

To participate, simply download the consultation documents here, and email your questions and comments to ssci@theconsumergoodsforum.com by 25TH October 2022.