On Wednesday 5th October 2022, The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) Sustainable Supply Chain Initiative (SSCI) team joined a virtual town hall hosted by the International Fresh Produce Association (IFPA) to share more about the actions of the SSCI to help build trust in sustainability standards worldwide. 

CGF Director of Sustainability Didier Bergeret and SSCI Senior Manager Marie-Claude Quentin intervened on behalf of the SSCI, and joined IFPA Director of Sustainability Tamara Muruetagoiena for a discussion on the SSCI’s new venture to develop a set of environmental benchmark criteria. 

IFPA is the newest member of the SSCI Coalition of Action, and the SSCI team thanks IFPA for the opportunity to introduce its work to the wider IFPA membership and audience.

A recording of the townhall if available on the IFPA website here.

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