Together with IBM, The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) has published a learning series whitepaper on artificial intelligence (AI) in consumer goods. This is  the second learning series paper published in collaboration with IBM and aims to tackle key questions around the progress of AI over the past half century, what it means today, as well as why the fast-moving consumer goods sector should invest in it.

Beyond the history of AI, the paper delves into its core concepts such as machine learning, statistical techniques and neutral networks, while offering readers insight into the building blocks needed to set up AI applications. The selection of practical applications of AI described in the paper, from chat bots, to visual recognition, and autonomous vehicles among others, brings to light the abundance of AI innovation in the consumer goods industry.

In addition, the CGF and IBM share key lessons from leading consumer goods companies, the potential technical, business and societal challenges that could arise with the wider adoption of AI, as well as projections for the future.