The CGF Collaboration for Healthier Lives Coalition of Action has launched its 2023 #WellbeingAtWork campaign to raise awareness around the issue of employee health and provides a call to action for companies to create a workplace culture which actively promotes and supports wellbeing. 

People spend about a third of their lives at work and poor health is estimated to cost 15% of global real GDP. This is a real opportunity for CGF member companies, who employ over 10 million people, to bring employee wellbeing back into the spotlight. 

Every month we will be publishing relevant content and sharing best practices in the form of a CEO video series, blogs, podcasts and more. Topics include Healthier Food at Work, Breastfeeding Support Programmes, Health Checks, Nutrition Education, Physical and Mental Health. Contact the Health & Wellness team to participate and share your journey with your peers. 

Now more than ever, our workforces are in greater need of health and wellbeing support. And after years of growing awareness, mental health and wellbeing issues have become part of our local, national and global conversations and concerns.

Change is coming. The time to make your positive and significant impact is now. And wherever you are on your journey, we can offer practical help and advice. 

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