On 23rd February, the Co-leads of two of our Health & Wellness working groups signed a letter, which was sent to all CGF members, that addressed the need for urgent engagement from all CGF members on the two public commitments with deadlines at the end of 2016. The full letter is below:

Dear CGF member,

2016 is an important year for the Health & Wellness Pillar.  As an industry, we have two deadlines on public commitments this year and it is time to show our industry leadership in these two areas:

We are, therefore, reaching out with a call to action because we need your help. All members of the CGF are asked to get engaged in our efforts to reach these goals in 2016 and share existing efforts you may already have in place so we can help highlight them. You may have seen our recent progress report.  While the implementation rates are encouraging, there is still so much more we can do collectively as members of the CGF.

Along with our fellow working group members we are here to help you implement the Commitments within your operations.  We invite you to take advantage of the resources within, and contribute to, our health and wellness toolkit – a pool of actionable examples – or to present your good examples on one of our webinars.  We are also looking for additional expertise in our working groups, so if you have someone on your team you are mentoring in these areas, or a seasoned employee with skills that could have a positive impact for your company, please let us know and we will assign them to an appropriate working group.  If you are interested in any of these options or would like to schedule a webinar to highlight your company’s efforts in these areas, please reach out to the CGF.

This year, we are also looking to stretch our KPIs to provide even better information to you, our members, and the customers we serve.  Currently, we are measuring:

  • Implementation of employee health and wellness programmes:
    We reached 55% implementation rate in our latest annual progress report. 
  • N° of workforce participating in employee health and wellness programmes:
    2.3 million employees were reported to have taken part in programmes in 2015.
  • Publication of nutrition and product formulation policies:
    We reached 49% implementation rates in our latest annual progress report and we are building a global database of these policies.

Both Commitment working groups have set up a roadmap for the year ahead and will track progress throughout the year.  We will keep you informed on the implementation rates that we need to significantly increase.  We know that there are more efforts already being implemented that we just need to capture and give credit to. Please contact Sharon Bligh, Director of Health & Wellness by phone + 33 1 82 00 95 58 or email to share anecdotes or success stories by 1st June 2016 that they may be included in our Commitments report and you don’t miss the opportunity to be included.

As members of the CGF, we have the opportunity to positively impact billions of people around the globe and contribute to helping consumers and employees make informed choices. We ask you to help us showcase all the great work being done in these areas, and enable the CGF to tell the positive story of our collective achievements.  

The CGF team is available for all of your questions and we invite you to connect with us to keep up to date on the Pillar’s activities and what your fellow members are doing.

Thank you for your support.
Kind regards,

IGA Health and Wellness Advisor
Vice President,
Global Health
Senior Nutrition Scientist
Vice President Quality, Food Safety & Sustainability
Co-leads of the Employee Health
& Wellness Working Group
Co-leads of the Nutrition & Product
Formulation Working Group