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Shopping Our Way to Healthier Lifestyles

…Saudável” (Organic & Healthy) standalone areas in our stores, as well as in an organic and healthy products’ supermarket, Go Natural. Complementarily, we offer nutritional counselling at our specialized stores…

We Are In This Together: How COVID-19 Has Accelerated The Need For Partnerships

…and be ready to resolve issues. This has required putting aside their agendas and reaching a compromise to make decisions and execute under pressure in the tightest timelines imaginable. This…

Will Things Fall Apart if the Centre Cannot Hold (All the Data)?

…complexity and there being no obvious benefit beyond keeping their retail or manufacturing customers happy. Then there are technical objections. Take blockchain. As with many new technological developments the transactional…

Understanding the Scale of the Global Food Loss Problem is Our First Step Towards Fixing It

…for not only keeping food waste a top priority on our sustainability agendas, but for asking the critical questions and unlocking some of the solutions we need to fix our…

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The Consumer Goods Forum Announces New Refrigeration Resolution

…new commitment is seen as a vital next step in helping to meet the goal of keeping the global average temperature rise to well below 2°C. HFCs represent 1.5% of…

Protected: Conference Presentations

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

TFA 2020 Partners: The Triple Win of “Produce-Protect”

I was thrilled to learn of the announcement today by Marc Bolland, CEO of Marks & Spencer, at the Lima-Paris Action Agenda (LPAA) Forests Day in Paris that The Consumer…

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The Consumer Goods Forum Partners with Business & Climate Summit

…competition”. It provides a unique global platform for the development of global industry processes and standards as well as sharing best practices. Its activities are organised around the following strategic…

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Statement in Response to Amazon Fires: Businesses Call for Deeper Partnership to Build a More Forest Positive Future

Images of the dry season fires in the Brazilian Amazon has generated massive media coverage and raised social consciousness about the existential challenges we face if rainforests continue to perish….

Reflections as We Move into a New Decade

…McKinsey, we created a blueprint for reaching our ambitions through the development of a simulation model comparing collection and recycling rates, material flows, as well as associated financial and social…