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Food Loss and Waste: Have You Heard?

…Resolution of 2015. The FLW Standard was co-created by CGF, WRI, WRAP, WBCSD, FAO, UNEP, and EU FUSIONS as part of the Food Loss and Waste Protocol.   It may…

Implementing and Scaling up the CGF Zero Net Deforestation Commitment

Business awareness of deforestation-related challenges has dramatically increased over the past years, as demonstrated by the growing number of business commitments to reducing deforestation impacts in their commodity supply chains….

News Update
The CGF Partners with Forest Trends and Tropical Forest Alliance 2020 for Their Climate Week Event in NYC

…world’s global agricultural supply chains by 2020 has gained significant momentum, however independent assessments indicate that the international community will miss its target if efforts are not increased and accelerated….

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Environmental Sustainability Director Participates in IDH Landscapes Forum

…production while conserving forests and ensuring social inclusion – so called “Production, Protection and Inclusion” (PPI) arrangements. This special, invitation-only event brought together a variety of pertinent stakeholders including those…

News Update
Food Waste Front and Centre at this Year’s Sustainable Retail Summit

…leaders from business, government and civil society and was a unique education and networking opportunity for all those in attendance. Food loss and waste reduction was one of the three…

Press Release
A ‘Call for Action’ in the Run up to the UN Paris Climate Summit in 2015

…other practical schemes that will incentivise and assist forested countries to conserve their natural assets and enable them to achieve the goal of zero net deforestation, whilst at the same…

Time To Tackle The Food Paradox: A Call to Action, Insieme

…of overweight and obesity. Nowhere is this paradox more evident than in Asia, where a recent joint report from UNICEF, WHO and ASEAN(1) found that within the Southeast Asian region:…

Leveraging Technology to Detect, Measure, and Mitigate Sustainability and Socially Responsible Sourcing Risks

…critical inputs, and the use of migrant or undocumented labour. Environmental sustainability risks include deforestation, damage to protected areas and high value conservation areas, GHG emissions and carbon negative practices,…