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Tackling HFCs: Why Retailers Should Make the Most of the Refrigeration Transition

as such choose a system that doesn’t make business sense. For example, while retailers ranked CO2 as the most popular replacement for HFCs, choosing this option could actually prove to…

Are You Committed? The Time to Act on Refrigerants is Now

…towards NRs, as well as an accelerated phase down of HCFCs. The US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) Program has sanctioned the use of a wide…

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‘Age of Disruption’ Makes Digital Top Priority for 54% of Consumer Goods Firms – But One-Third Lack Know-How

…12 months; 32% of respondents however currently see themselves as having weak or no capabilities in these areas 56% of consumer goods and retail business leaders cited data analytics as

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The Consumer Goods Forum Announces Partnership with Climate Action and the Sustainable Innovation Forum 2015

…leading international role to ensure points of view converge and to facilitate the search for consensus by the United Nations, as well as within the European Union, which has a…

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CGF Members Share Their Food Waste Stories in New Booklet

Examples of successful food loss and waste reduction approaches from consumer goods companies on show as part of new collection of case studies   PARIS, 27th October 2016 – The…

CGF Takeaways | G7 Ministers Agree to an Ambitious Sustainability Roadmap

As part of the sustainability efforts of the G7 German Presidency, I was honoured to represent the CGF and GSCP, providing the perspective of our industry at the recent Meeting…

Can Changing How World Trade is Financed Actually Change the World?

…prices often associated with sustainably produced commodities as a barrier to their involvement while the transition is still in its early days. The BEI’s Sustainable Shipment Letter of Credit will…

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New Consumer Goods and Retail Industry Study Reveals Need to Rethink the Value Chain

…and expert interviews with thought leaders from the world’s top CPR businesses as well as subject matter experts. It highlights how the industry needs to fundamentally change the way it…

How Johnson & Johnson is Supporting Its Global Workforce During COVID-19

…dynamics and scenarios. Since the start of this crisis, Johnson & Johnson has mobilized to address critical needs of those around the world. This includes keeping its 132,000 employees safe,…

Key Projects

2927 Helping to accelerate collective action and propose implementation strategies 15250 Palm Oil The environmental impact related to palm oil has been on the industry’s radar for some time, however…