Achievements of the GSCP

The Global Social Compliance Programme (GSCP) brought together key actors of the consumer goods industry to collaborate on a common goal: driving positive change and business efficiency in the areas of social and environmental sustainability along the supply chain. A group of committed companies created the GSCP to set the international reference on best practices for sustainable supply chain management for all actors to use. This important work was accomplished through a complete suite of Reference Tools and the Equivalence Process benchmark tool. Whilst the Equivalence Process will not accept new applications from June 2018, the Reference Tools will remain available for download.

The CGF Board decided to further support the concrete implementation of CGF resolutions and the development of socially and environmentally responsible supply chains through the Sustainable Supply Chain Initiative. Under the leadership of a high-level Steering Committee from the CGF retailer and manufacturer colleges, the benchmarking of third-party auditing and certification schemes under the roof of the CGF will be launched with a new value proposition. The Sustainable Supply Chain Initiative will build upon elements of the work achieved by the GSCP, notably the Reference Code. It will also deliver a streamlined approach to benchmarking in line with the CGF’s Global Food Safety Initiative. To learn more about the GSCP and SSCI, consult our FAQs.

Our Reference Tools

Our GSCP Reference Tools are a complete suite of documents compiling best practices for managing sustainable supply chains. The tools are open-source, applicable globally and across sectors, while making business sense of international conventions and protocols. The GSCP Reference Tools set the international reference on best practices for sustainable supply chain management.


They provide a common interpretation of fair labour and environmental requirements and their implementation. These tools are free and open-source. As a global reference, the tools may be used and adapted to local or sector-specific contexts under the condition that GSCP Terms of Reference are respected. Download the tools below.

The Equivalence Process was designed to help companies overcome issues such as complexity of compliance assessment, divergence of standards and management systems and little visibility on comparability. Equivalence Process users benefitted from an in-depth review of the requirements of their code of conduct or standard. The process enabled users to assess tools and processes, identify any gaps, drive internal alignment and move towards mutual recognition.

Standards and management systems were benchmarked against international best practice as set out by the GSCP Reference Tools. The Process consisted of three phases: Self-Assessment, Expert Assessment and Share & Compare.

The Equivalence Process is now entering its next phase through the SSCI.