Our Strategy

In order to deliver our mission, we focus our services to members in five areas.



Four services (shown as the vertical ‘Pillars” in the above schematic) address some of the most important opportunities and risks facing our industry globally:

  • Sustainability – acting together to position the industry as a leader in protecting against climate change, reducing waste and promoting compliance with good working and environmental practices
  • Food Safety – increasing confidence in the delivery of safe food globally through the continuous improvement of food safety management systems
  • Health & Wellness – empowering consumers to make the right decisions and helping them to adopt healthier lifestyles
  • End-to-End Value Chain & Standards – identifying and implementing global standards, protocols and principles for the management of data, processes and capabilities that span the value chain

Our fifth focus area – shown horizontally on the chart – is Knowledge and Best Practice Sharing. Whatever we do under The Forum umbrella, we share the knowledge we create collectively with our members, our strategic alliances and other key stakeholders. This inspires further collaborative actions and participation in industry multi-stakeholder platforms. Here The Forum is acknowledged as the focal point for both gathering and expressing the considered view of our industry, and as the source of transparent and reasonable response to public concerns as they arise. 


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