Our Mission

Sustainability Pillar MIssion - The Consumer Goods Forum

The Pillar’s purpose is working together to empower consumers, shoppers and the communities the industry serves to make informed decisions for themselves and their families and to help adopt healthier lifestyles.

The Pillar does this primarily by seeking to drive implementation of the Health & Wellness Resolutions approved in June 2011.

This purpose requires us to offer our consumers a wide range of healthy choices, raising consumer awareness in support of nutritious diets, physical activity, prevention, personal care and hygiene, and in providing the right information to empower consumers to make good decisions for themselves and their families. Health & Wellness covers a broad spectrum from healthier diets and lifestyles to personal care and hygiene.

We, through our global and collaborative work on health and wellness, will:

  • Enable our members to play a leadership role in helping consumers and shoppers make informed product and lifestyle choices to reinforce their health and wellness;
  • Contribute to a better life for all by encouraging a culture of prevention, thereby improving health as well as helping to reduce overall healthcare costs;
  • Proactively and voluntarily support and contribute to government and civil society efforts in the area of health and wellness; and
  • Contribute to the alignment of industry efforts to improve the health and wellness of the global population, an effort well aided by our wide base of representation (food, non-food, manufacturer and retailer).

H&W Glossary

The Health & Wellness Glossary is designed to equip professionals working in the consumer goods industry with a shared understanding and common language on health and wellness terms and definitions.

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H&W Resolutions

The Steering Committee has established a set of Board-approved Health and Wellness Resolutions and they provide an excellent example of our industry's collaborative efforts to work together to improve the health and wellness of consumers, employees, their families and the communities they serve. These focus on the access and availability of products and services; product information and responsible marketing; and communication and education about healthier diets and lifestyles.

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