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Keeping Plastics in the Value Chain and Out of Nature: Introducing the CGF Plastic Waste Coalition of Action

  www.tcgfplasticwaste.com | In this latest episode of the CGF Sustainability Podcast and wrapping up 2020, host Madelaine VanDerHeyden catches up with the co-chairs of the CGF Plastic Waste…

How Collective Action Can Drive Sustainability in the Soy Sector

…improvements to the Roadmap, such as sharpening its commitments and ambitions; developing more clarity on the details of the Coalition Ask to traders and suppliers; and adding more definition to…

Collective Position Paper on EU Action to Protect and Restore the World’s Forests: Proposal for a “Smart Mix” of Measures

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News Update
CGF Members Endorse EU Position Paper Calling for “Smart Mix” of EU Legislative Action on Imported Deforestation

…2020. The paper suggests that a ‘smart mix’ of measures by the EU is necessary to help tackle the negative impacts on forests associated with the production of forest risk…

What We Learnt From Our Forest Footprint Pilot Exercise

…effective, forward-looking forest-positive strategies? Identifying customary lands is crucial as communities have an important role to play in safeguarding their forests and peatlands from further degradation or deforestation. Our Aceh…

News Update
CGF Forest Positive Coalition Publishes Soy Commodity Roadmap

…respectively) and engage individually and as a Coalition to communicate the “Coalition Ask” to transition towards being a forest positive supplier, discuss progress in performance and identify areas for collaboration…

Forests as a Nature-based-solution to Address Climate Change and Reduce Carbon Emissions

…practical, scalable solutions for markets and communities working to pursue a growing commitment to a sustainable planet. SFI-certified forests and products are powerful tools to achieve shared goals such as

Sustainability: the Key to Resilient Recovery

…cases, shuts them down altogether. But while this new existential threat has consumed everyone’s attention, another one is still as urgent as ever: climate change. And businesses must realise the…

Understanding the Scale of the Global Food Loss Problem is Our First Step Towards Fixing It

…for not only keeping food waste a top priority on our sustainability agendas, but for asking the critical questions and unlocking some of the solutions we need to fix our…

Coalition-wide Actions

…members will engage with suppliers and traders and ask they implement forest positive business practices that are in line with the Coalition’s mission. This ask and subsequent support from Coalition…