France – Paving the Way to a CSR Approach with a French Touch
Following the widely reported tragedies in Bangladesh in 2012 and 2013, the French National Contact Point at the OECD published in December 2013 a thorough report on the implementation of OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises (Rapport Bricq) in a French context. Within this report, the GSCP is highlighted as a recognised approach to global industrial collaboration to improve social and environmental practices, particularly in the textile and apparel supply chains. This report supports the work of the recently launched “CSR Platform” (Plateforme RSE), an initiative of the French Government, whose goal is to promote and foster CSR nationally. In parallel, the GSCP is working closely with Michel Doucin, the Secretary General of the Plateforme RSE to advance French collaborative efforts, based on best international practices. Read more (in French) on

European Union – Understanding Trade-Based Social Risks in EU-27 Practices
At the intergovernmental level, the European Union has recently carried out an impact assessment of sustainability policy proposals in the context of its Sustainable Development Strategy (SDS) covering social, environmental and economic domains. One of the key methodologies undertaken in this EU analysis is the Social Hotspot Database (SHDB), whose indicators are drawn from a number of sources including the GSCP Reference Tools. The objective of SHDB is to facilitate risk management in global supply chains.

To download the complete report “Social Sustainability in Trade and Development Policy – A Life Cycle Approach to Understanding and Managing Social Risk Attributable to Production and Consumption in the EU-27″ follow this link

The GSCP and The Forum salute these initiatives and is pleased to be contributing to the development of governmental sustainability agendas for social and environmental stewardship, both at national and European levels.

Didier Bergeret
Senior Manager – Global Social Compliance Programme (GSCP)
The Consumer Goods Forum

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