What’s even greater is that we’re not acting alone. Our peers across The Consumer Goods Forum’s 400 member companies are also working to phase out HFC refrigerants in their cooling equipment, a goal we proudly played a role in setting in 2010. When you consider the multiplier effect of all of our actions, truly making a difference becomes possible.

For over a decade, The Coca-Cola Company has invested more than $100 million in research, development and commercialization efforts to advance the use of climate-friendly, HFC-free cooling technologies and energy management systems. The natural refrigerant we selected for our new equipment is CO2, which eliminates 99 percent of direct emissions. Ourinvestment in sustainable refrigeration has made CO2 technology a commer­cially viable option for the cold drink and food equipment industry.

Investing in advancements that benefit more than us is important because it’s going to take more than Coca-Cola to solve challenges as huge as climate change. That’s why we’re active participants in organizations like The Consumer Goods Forum and Refrigerants Naturally!, and why we work with governments, organizations and other companies to advance solutions for climate protection. Collective action is the only way we can attempt to address issues of this magnitude and deliver results.

Yes, I am proud that Coca-Cola reached our 1 millionth placement. But, I am more hopeful for the wins we can all achieve together.  

Jeff Seabright
Chief Environmental Officer
The Coca-Cola Company

Look out for another example of how our members are working towards implementing our Sustainability Resolutions, and help drive positive change globally, next month – The Consumer Goods Forum