Earlier this month, the Global Commission released a report entitled “Better Growth, Better Climate: The New Climate Economy Report”. While many organisations have produced reports on the science of climate change or the costs of denying it, this report shows that climate action is, in fact, compatible with strong economic growth.

The report was produced by a Global Commission of leaders from government, business and finance, and advised by leading economists and supported by major international organisations. Its conclusions will inform the actions of global decision-makers and reshape the debate on benefits and costs of acting on climate. It comes at a critical time as leaders converged in New York for the UN Secretary General’s Climate Leaders Summit.

The conclusions of the report can be simply put: in order to create better growth and a safer climate, action should focus on three key economic systems: cities, land use and energy; and also on three drivers of change: resource efficiency, infrastructure investment and innovation.

The Commission has created a 10 point Global Action Plan aimed at governments and businesses: practical recommendations on how, by harnessing the power of markets, we can achieve prosperity and a safer climate together.
To view the full report, visit http://newclimateeconomy.report/