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1. It’s a Networking Opportunity Like No Other 
This one is simple. Where else can you build your professional network alongside 150 other future leaders who are in the same boat as you and who can expect the same longevity within the industry? If you want to connect and get involved, and build networks with you retailer and manufacturer peers, as well as with other key value chain partners, this is the event for you. It may not be the biggest global event, but 100% of people attending are relevant to 100% of people attending.  And, realizing no one wants to be stuck in a conference room all day, the event is built to ensure ample networking time.
2. The Speakers are Second to None
The insights on offer are of the highest quality. The speakers represent the very best of what the world has to offer, and not just from the consumer goods industry. They come from a diverse group, they all have a story to tell and they are all exceptionally inspiring. 
This year, we had the pleasure of hearing Marc “The Ironman” Herremans speak as the Keynote Closing Address. WOW! It would be wrong of me to try and summarize in one sentence, so please take a look at the official Executive Summary when you have a few minutes. You will not regret it! Of course, we had a host of other great speakers too, to name but a few, like Migros CEO Ö. Özgür Tort, Ocado Founding Director Tim Steiner, P&G Vice Chairman Werner Geissler, PepsiCo Global Go-To-Market Leader John S. Phillips, CITIBANK Turkey CEO Serra Akçaoglu, The Coca-Cola Company Turkey, Caucasus & Central Asia Business Unit President Galya Frayman Molinas, and Quid Co-Founder and CTO Sean Gourley. All of who brought their own personalities and experiences, and openly shared them in personal conversations with the attending future leaders.
3. It Provides Tangible Nuggets of Wisdom
Another great reason why the FLP rocks is because it offers up information that people can go away with, utilize and share with their colleagues who were unfortunate enough to miss the live show. And, this knowledge sharing is emphasized by how it’s not just another conference. Yes, we have the more traditional presentations, but we also have today’s leading CEOs offering personal insights and stories into how and why they do business. We also have interactive workshops that allow the retailer, manufacturer and service provider delegates to work together. This not only fosters greater understanding and collaboration, it also ensures that the connections that are built during the event last long after it’s finished.
4. It’s the Personal Touch
I’ve touched on this a little already, but it really is a big deal. From the great work offered by the staff of The Consumer Goods Forum to the exceptional support offered by the event’s sponsors to the personal approach of the speakers, it’s really quite special. It makes you, as a delegate, feel important and, presuming you want to get involved, ask questions and connect with people, it really is a very welcome experience. The presenters are open and frank in their assessments and in what the future leaders need to do to realize their potential, and the Design a Store of the Future workshop really brings out the best in everyone.
The competition, now in its second year, brings everyone together. There is no retailer or manufacturer walls to break down, we do not concern ourselves with who works for who. It’s about coming together and supporting each other’s’ development in a unique and positive atmosphere.
5. It’s Amazing Fun 
This is a great event for supporting the professional growth of the next generation of our industry’s leaders, but it’s also much more than that. It’s designed to have a profound personal and professional impact, and it does exactly that…while still being an enormous amount of fun. Sure, there are a number of events throughout the year that provide a satisfactory return on your financial and time investments, and I’ve attended quite a number of them, but I struggle to think of one that offers both of these things and is enormous fun. The FLP experience is quite unique, and it’s something you have to experience to believe.
Live the Experience
If you attended the 59th edition of the Future Leaders Congress in Istanbul, you’ll know exactly what I am talking about. If you didn’t, don’t just take my word for it. Take a look at the image gallery and read through the excellent Executive Summary. You’ll soon understand why this is such a revered industry event, and why so many people come back year after year.
And, to conclude, I can’t wait for our first ever FLP Congress in Latin America, taking place in Rio next year from 22nd-24th October. We’ve already started planning and the Committee is hard at work looking at every aspect of it. It’s really going to be something special as we celebrate the event’s 60th birthday! It’s one you certainly won’t want to miss. 
One thing’s for sure, I certainly won’t!  So spread the word about FLP to your colleagues and I look forward to seeing you all in Rio!

John Charles Jové
Vice President, International Retail, PepsiCo, 
and Chairman, Future Leaders Programme