On S’y Met is a unique collaborative initiative in France that aims to help consumers make healthier decisions, as part of The Consumer Goods Forum’s Collaboration for Healthier Lives (CHL) initiative.

Our journey began in 2019 in Lyon, with over 25 companies coming together with the support of local authorities, the Metropolis of Lyon, academic partners, and local chefs, to promote healthier eating and encourage healthier baskets for consumers. We were delighted to have received coverage in publications such as the Harvard Business Review, highlighting the important work of our partners and stakeholders tackling some of the world’s biggest health challenges, on a local scale.

Following a series of in-store trials to drive healthier behaviours, including store fixtures, healthy food messaging on trolleys, and healthier check-out stations, the digital leg of the On S’y Met journey, “One Click Healthy”, kicked off in March 2020. This digital launch marked a critical milestone in our wider campaign to support consumers in making better choices in some of their everyday lifestyle habits. We were pleased to have our efforts, as well as those of our dedicated partners and stakeholders, rewarded by the strong, positive impact on sales and the widespread visibility received.  

Fast forward to May 2021, where we scaled up our digital movement and deployed a robust nationwide campaign. As we, Carrefour and Danone, continued to co-chair the initiative, joining forces to collaborate with Barilla, Bel, Groupe Savencia and Unilever was essential to the promising results we have observed to date.

The amplified 360° digital activation, promoting healthier and more affordable cooking, involved livestreamed cooking sessions with popular French chefs preparing healthy meals, which were a great success – ranking top spot for 10 consecutive days on the country’s second most visited cooking website, and garnering over 1.5 million views. Healthy recipes scoring Nutriscore A or B were shared for consumers online, who were encouraged to engage through a lively media push – tripling the average engagement rates.

Measuring impact on shopper baskets through an e-shop was a first with the digital activation, allowing for insights into healthier purchasing habits. We are excited to share that e-shoppers spent a third of their baskets on fruits and vegetables through the digital platform, a promising 8% increase from previous baskets (Nutriscore A and B / 110 index), compared to regular shoppers with loyalty cards.

In addition to proving healthier purchasing habits for consumers, the digital activation was successful in driving shared business value. All the products from the five brands promoted through the digital activation saw a positive increase in sales in the baskets of e-shoppers that visited the page, totalling 77%, and Carrefour BIO products alone grew by an encouraging 21%. Furthermore, an 18% increase in sales for all products highlighted in the recipes was observed.

The exciting journey to drive healthier lives continues! The CHL France team thanks all involved in driving the success of the On S’y Met movement and the “One Click Healthy” digital activation. We look forward to optimising these learnings to amplify action and impact at scale in 2021’s fourth quarter, with an additional digital wave planned. We are eager to continue trying and testing new, innovative ideas in France and beyond, to not only continue supporting healthier behaviours but also more sustainable habits – as we drive positive change for people and the planet.

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