“Let’s Do It: The More We Act, the Better We Feel!” 

  • The Consumer Goods Forum launches a collaborative movement for the first time in France
  • About 30 partners coming together in favour of healthier behaviours
  • Initiatives in shops and restaurants in the Lyon area from September


LYON, 23rd September 2019 – The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF), through its Health & Wellness Pillar, has today launched a Collaboration for Healthier Lives (CHL) initiative in Lyon. The movement, “Let’s Do It: The More We Act, the Better We Feel” (On S’y Met – Plus On Agit, Mieux On Se Porte), is the latest in a series of actions taking place around the world to encourage healthier behaviours. The movement in France follows on from other CHL success stories that have taken place in Colombia, Costa Rica, Japan, Turkey, the US and the UK.

A New and Collaborative Movement of Public and Private Actors Engaged in the Lyon Region

 This first experiment in France is being held in the city of Lyon and the Greater Lyon area, a region already heavily involved in global health and nutrition issues. The local authorities in Lyon have long seen health as a key focal point for its citizens and this was highlighted in their Regional Food Strategy (Stratégie Alimentaire de la Métropole). CGF members were keen, therefore, to work alongside the local government to promote healthy eating to the people of Lyon, helping to bring other key stakeholders to the table as well.

Reflecting on the movement, a representative of the City of Lyon and Greater Lyon area, said, “Food is a crucial issue in our region. It is time for the people of Lyon to regain control of their food choices. This is why we launched the Regional Food Strategy in June 2019 with 250 local stakeholders. The “Let’s Do It ” movement is fully in line with our Food Strategy, as it allows access to quality, healthy and sustainable food for all”.

Innovative Collaborative Initiatives

 The “Let’s Do It” movement will put in place multi-faceted co-constructed initiatives in different areas of the daily lives of the people of Lyon through not only new and innovative in-store and digital interventions, but also in restaurants with associated restaurateurs. The experimental approach of the initiative is supported by an independently-financed study conducted by INSEAD and INRA in order to accurately analyse the movement’s impact.

Commenting on the movement, Bertrand Swiderski, Director of Sustainable Development, Carrefour, said, “Today, better eating is essential. That is why we launched our global Act for Food programme early this year and why it seemed appropriate to drive the ‘Let’s Do It’ movement with the CGF and Danone, by implementing innovative initiatives encouraging healthier behaviours in our stores”.

Furthermore, Isabelle Grosmaitre, Alimentation Initiative Catalyst, Danone, said, “Each time we eat and drink, we vote for the world we want to live in. It is time to act, to act together, joining forces to promote healthier consumption patterns. The CGF is the ideal platform to create a better world together: manufacturers, retailers, leaders, chefs/restaurateurs and partners”.

In addition, Chef Dominic Moreau, les Toques Blanches Lyonnaises, said, “The Toques Blanches Lyonnaises wanted to join the “On S’y Met” initiative in collaboration with the Union of Trades and Industries of the Hotel Industry (UMIH) to share our culinary expertise by bringing value to meals that are simple, varied, gourmet and tasty, thanks to seasonal local products”.

So far, many have joined the movement, including: BCG, Carrefour, Danone, Elan Edelman, INRA, INSEAD, Institut du Commerce(1), Altavia, Auchan, Armis, Bel, The Coca-Cola Company, Comerso, Elior, Fleury Michon, French Tech One Lyon Saint Etienne, iDal, Johnson & Johnson, L’Oréal, Mars Food, Médiaperformances, METRO France, Nestlé, Nielsen, Obiz, Procter & Gamble, Publicis, Roamler, Seb, Savencia, and St-Hubert, who have all gathered from across sectors to have the largest possible impact through the movement. Such a collaborative movement is a first in France and the CGF is proud to collaborate with these diverse stakeholders. All actors interested in getting involved are invited to join this innovative coalition.

So, Let’s Do It?

(1) The Institute of Commerce is a French collaborative platform in which all trade actors can work together to anticipate changes in trade and better satisfy consumer expectations

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