This impact story is part of a collection of narratives that bring to life some of the complex challenges Forest Positive Coalition members are facing on our forest positive journey and our lessons learned. We’re committed to creating a culture of transparency and accountability, and these stories are just a glimpse of our ongoing efforts. We invite you to delve deeper into our 2023 Annual Report for more insights on this Coalition’s activities and progress, “Perspectives on Progress: Challenges and Insights on the Way to Forest Positive” 

Member/implementing partners:
  • Tesco
  • Sainsbury’s
  • 3keel

Forest Positive Coalition and members have been working with sustainable commodity and landscape innovation specialists 3Keel to map and understand the exposure of forest-risk commodities to deforestation over the past three years. Soy has been a particular challenge for Coalition members due to its indirect presence within their products. As a material that is used primarily in animal feed, this presents a unique obstacle to gaining an understanding of how these companies are dependent on it for the meat, dairy, and other livestock-based materials they source.

Beyond the work with the Coalition to understand the landscape footprint connected with this commodity, 3Keel have worked with Sainsbury’s and Tesco to quantify their full exposure whilst connecting to production landscapes that are far removed from their direct supply chain. By understanding and identifying the full scope and actors involved in these value chains, they have been able to target their investments and mitigate their risk exposure to deforestation and conversion. These efforts have been scaled to cover a range of companies through a collective engagement process across the entire food system – from brands to manufacturers and retailers – to simplify and standardise the way in which this information moves through the supply chain.

3Keel’s work with the Forest Positive Coalition and these companies show that although some commodities may only be indirectly present in a company’s supply chain, action is still possible through collaboration and partnerships with on the ground partners.

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