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Within the retail industry, more than one billion kilogrammes of cardboard are wasted on promotional displays without having any insight on the return of investment. Together with retailers and brands, Pure Value developed a reusable, smart display for stores to replace all traditional promo displays on the shop floor. The Proteus Smart Display has integrated IoT sensors to control the campaign performance and increase the effectiveness of the promotion.   

The displays save up to 85% of cardboard and CO2 by also introducing a disruptive supply chain model. The rack stays on the shop floor and the only thing that needs to be replaced is a 1kg cardboard communication sleeve. This means no more promotional displays throughout the supply chain. The Proteus system puts every retailer 100% in control of every promotion.

Showcase Highlights

The key highlights of the Proteus Smart Display include:

  • – Cardboard saving of up to 85% and CO2 reductions.
  • – Possibility to replace all promo displays by a one single circular display and Pure Value takes care of the entire promo flow for all brands.
  • – New supply chain model results in more than 50% cost saving per promotion, with no more promo displays (quarter pallets, dolly’s, etc) through the supply chain.
  • – Increase the effectiveness the promotions with integrated IoT technology that measures the weight of the display per hour and potential turnover increase per square-metre promo spot by 200%.
  • – Switch from brand driven to consumer driven promotions that are supported by unique promotions that fit a retailer’s communication strategy.

Why It’s Important

pure-value-display-image-1The promotions supply chain is a hassle and fragile process, with no standardisations and cardboard waste at every turn. There is also a lack of insight into the return on investment, which is problematic for today’s data-driven stores.  Current promotional displays also lack the ability to be customised per store and they generate high amount of CO2 due to extra transport flows; a lot of different materials and carriers result in very complex logistics.

Goodbye chaos, HELLO PROTEUS!

Proteus fits into any standard flow. It simplifies everything, empowering all involved in the supply chain. The big supply chain shift is to stop filling displays at the DC of the brand or at a logistics service provider. Proteus can easily be filled at the Point of Sale in the backroom of the store. 

With the Proteus Promo Portal, a retailer has full control over their promotions and, as a result, increases the turnover per square-metre and reduces waste at the same time.

Albert Heijn (part of Ahold Delhaize), Jumbo supermarkets and other Dutch retailers have already implemented Proteus and replaced all their traditional display promotions.

Pure Value is now ready to implement Proteus globally.

How to Benefit

This showcase demonstrates the simplicity of the Proteus system. Our aim is to showcase Proteus at the top 25 retailers in the world and to implement sustainable promotions at Christmas 2022. In this way, it’s possible to standardise the entire promotion flow and simultaneously create a unique consumer-driven promotion.

To this end, we have created the showcase IMPACT model:

Meet the Team

Bram van Schijndel is founder and CEO of Pure Value Europe NV. After his studies in Environmental Material Technology and Technical Business administration, he worked for several multinationals as a supply chain professional, including Wessanen NV, Kraft Heinz and Capgemini. In 2007, he decided to only focus on improving sustainability and supply chains. Therefore, he co-developed several impactful programmes such as Lean and Green (, Biceps Network ( and Futurepreneurs (

It is his life mission to create sustainable impact in the world and helping to reduce 1,000,000,000 kg of cardboard will be an important step to achieving this legacy. Together with a team of professionals, he is committed to building a new worldwide standard for branded promotions.

How You Can Support

To showcase the impact of Proteus you need a budget of € 5,000, (excluding tax, transport logistics & merchandising – depends per country). This cost includes:

  • 10 displays for 5 stores
  • 1 to 3 consumer goods brands to participate
  • 10 communication sleeves + package per store
  • Access to Proteus Smart Display app > to follow the promotions
  • A comprehensive report of the showcase results

    To Learn More Information, Please Contact:

    Bram van Schijndel
    +31 655305832