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TradeLens is an open and neutral industry platform, underpinned by IBM blockchain technology and supported by major players across the global transport and logistics industry, that promotes the efficient, transparent and secure exchange of information in order to foster greater collaboration and trust across the global supply chain. The platform brings visibility to your supply chain, it reduces manual tasks, delays and inaccuracy, and it provides a foundation for further innovation.

Transform container logistics by freeing yourself from legacy data systems, manual document handling and poor visibility.

Showcase Highlights

More than 300 organisations, 600+ ports and terminals and more than 67% coverage of world’s ocean container cargo

– Close visibility gaps across the supply chain
– Make faster and more insightful decisions
– Unleash innovation
– Protect your data
– Improve collaboration
– Release resources
– Plan proactively
– Increase trust
– Break down silos
– Go paperless

Why It’s Important

Cross-border containerised supply chains are some of the largest and most complex business ecosystems in the world today. 30 independent parties, 100 people, and up to 200 exchanges of information to be connected to a single shipment. With this increased complexity, it’s important to have a solution that can help maintain the efficiency of supply chain operations.

How to Benefit

Move beyond disjointed status updates and poor data quality – with TradeLens Core

With TradeLens Core, visibility data is rich with meaning, shared directly from the source, made available in real time, and manageable digitally.
Accelerate your workflows with document tools that let you work on the same page as your trade partners. Bring your supply chain together on TradeLens Core to ensure all actions can be tracked, visible and executed in an instant.

  • Get instant summaries of your container locations
  • Built on digital standards and get ecosystem data that is more accurate, complete, consistent, and reliable.
  • Search less, and make informed decisions faster
  • Work with your supply-chain partners using open APIs to speed up integrations, letting your IT teams move quickly to support business goals faster.
  • Collaborate easily with your partners on TradeLens to transact on structured or unstructured documents like bills of lading, declarations, invoices, certificates and more

Reduce friction and costs with an industry supported digital bill of lading – TradeLens eBL

The TradeLens eBL is a paperless instrument, issued by carriers, that is transferable, entitles the holder to the goods in shipment, and is surrendered to carriers for cargo release.

Exchanging the TradeLens eBL is a standardized process for all TradeLens participants and adheres to legal and regulatory frameworks.

Using TradeLens, carriers issue an eBL for a shipper as a structured document. The issuance is recorded, and a hash of the document is saved to the TradeLens Blockchain.

Now, the shipper can view the issued eBL in the TradeLens platform, and when ready, instantly and securely transfer it to a consignee with the click of a button. When the container shipment is ready to be received, the consignee can simply click “surrender” and the eBL returns to the carrier for cargo release.

  • Increase security and transparency by eliminating the risk of lost documents, forgeries, delays and charges
  • Streamline your processes and increase efficiency to assure business requirements are met
  • Reduce the cost and time of printing and couriering documents
  • Access a digital ecosystem and get beyond the inefficient, manual, paper-based process of handling an original Bill of Lading
Meet the Team

Our global TradeLens experts at Maersk:

  • Ajay Pai, TradeLens regional expert, WCA
  • Alexa Ríos, TradeLens regional expert, Europe
  • David Ocholi, TradeLens regional expert, Africa
  • Ed Ordway, TradeLens regional expert, North America
  • Omar Reyes, TradeLens regional expert, Latin America
  • Samuel Lim, TradeLens regional expert, Asia Pacific
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