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The End–to–End Value Chain & Standards Pillar (E2EVC) of The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) is starting a test on interconnectivity of technical data sources. This data source can be anything from upstream supply chain data of a blockchain solution or platform, a temperature sensor, or even an Excel sheet.

The project is called True-code (Technical Resource, Uniquely Encoded) and proposes combined usage of open source tools which allow decentralised code generation as well as hashing and signing.

In the near future, data will travel with products: retailers and brands need fast, cheap and reliable data. There are several platforms (blockchains, data lakes, ERP systems) that already contain supplier and product related-data; however, these platforms are not interconnected and exchange is limited and often very complicated. 

The central question is: how can you exchange data when you do not know if you are talking about the same company or facility that is used to produce or distribute a product?

To make interconnectivity and the easy exchange of data possible, we need to simplify the identification of every individual company that plays a role in the supply chain. This can be done by using a clear, unique electronic passport connected to every individual facility that is an actor in a supply chain.

SIM Supply Chain and the CGF’s E2E Pillar are preparing a pilot to test a True-code/UUID generation as the fundament for a so-called facility passport. The True-code/UUID will be combined with a standardised set of data fields that will form a public part and a private part of the facility passport. In the pilot, all supply chain actors are included as potential stakeholders, from primary production to distribution and packing, trading and retailing.

Download the Consultation Paper & Reference Passport Sheet