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Theory of Change

We are an action-oriented Coalition of member companies, partners and stakeholders guided by a Theory of Change developed through reflection on our past experiences, evaluation of the current deforestation challenge, and extensive stakeholder collaboration.


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Coalition-wide Actions

Across the Coalition, members commit to uphold four actions which reflect our shared value of collaboration, engagement, transparency. These actions help guide the more detailed strategies of the Coalition’s commodity and engagement working groups.


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Commodity-specific Roadmaps and Reporting

We will focus our collective work and commitments around four critical global commodities: palm oil, soy, pulp, paper and fibre-based packaging (PPP), and beef. This is where our companies can collectively have the greatest impact.


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Communications & Engagement

The Coalition knows that it can’t stop deforestation alone. Working collaboratively and proactively with governments, NGOs and suppliers and traders, as well as being held accountable through public reporting, will be essential to achieving forest positive outcomes for everyone.


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