Taking a New Approach

We’re working to promote and adopt sustainable business practices, including sourcing deforestation-free commodities such as palm oil, soy, paper, pulp and fibre-based packaging, and beef, and ensuring alignment with the CGF Priority Industry Principles against forced labour.

Underpinning the actions of the Coalition is the new Theory of Change. This reimagining of our strategy – based on extensive consultation – is also supported by the Coalition’s Charter, which outlines the Coalition’s objectives and to which all members are committed.

The new Theory of Change represents our ambition to transition towards being forest positive businesses. It encompasses two main strategies: the first focuses on supply chain management and the second on collaboration. By transitioning from deforestation- and conversion-free supply chains to deforestation- and conversion-free businesses, we are accelerating efforts to remove deforestation from entire supply chains and production operations. Additionally, in taking a more integrated land use approach instead of pursuing siloed, uncoordinated initiatives, we are able to strengthen our efforts by encouraging more transformational change in key production landscapes through stakeholder collaboration.


Annual Report 2021

Our first Annual Report offers an initial analysis of how Coalition members are advancing on their commitments to report on 100% of the Key Performance Indicators in the Commodity Roadmaps, for commodities material to their businesses.

Taking Root: Embarking on the Forest Positive Journey

Learn more about our Theory of Change, the Commodity Roadmaps, and our Coalition-wide Actions in our first-ever report, published six months after our launch.