Exploring Reuse/Refill Models 

Reuse/Refill models are a key component for systemic shift from disposable packaging towards a model that reduces material use, greenhouse gas emissions and waste, learning from successful models already operating at scale for example in the beverage industry. 

In 2022, the Plastic Waste Coalition started the Reuse/Refill workstream to understand what we can do collectively to support scaling such models widely. Many members have conducted pilots to test such use models. Based on key findings from these experiences and case studies, the workstream is developing a proposal of how we can act best as a coalition to unlock key challenges. 

To achieve scale and bring critical mass needed for systems change, retailers and manufacturers must collaborate to offer solutions to consumers that are convenient, enable choice, and integrate well into their daily lives and shopping routines. As a CEO-led collaborative platform between retailers and manufacturers, it is the CGF’s ambition to make this contribution. 

In addition to putting consumer behaviour at the centre of our approach, a key consideration for our proposal will be demonstration of measurable, positive environmental outcomes for reuse/refill solutions at scale. 

The CGF will continue to work closely with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and many other like-minded organisations on this topic, to ensure that we are not duplicating existing efforts, and so that we can do our part in society to help move the needle on change. We welcome further discussion and cooperation with others to achieve this scale-up mission.