Shaping Our Industry’s Next Generation

The mission of the FLP is to build our industry’s next generation of purpose-driven leaders and to provide these future leaders with knowledge and connections to tackle the challenges they will face on their path to C-level.

What better way, then, than to foster a bridge between present and future generations?

This is why the FLP Conference is evolving to take place back-to-back with the Global Summit, our flagship event, which gathers together 1,000 CEOs and C-suite executives from CGF member companies from around the world.

The next edition of the FLP Conference will take place in New York, June 2021. Delegates will enjoy a specially-designed FLP programme on Monday; join Summit delegates on the Store Tour on Tuesday; and on Wednesday, after an FLP-dedicated morning, will have the opportunity to experience the Global Summit plenary sessions and Official Cocktail, along with its delegates – the leaders of the biggest retailers and consumer brands on the planet.

Participating in parts of the Summit will allow FLP delegates to not only hear from the same top-notch speakers, but also to rub shoulders with our industry’s key decision makers, opening incalculable learning opportunities, while the FLP-exclusive sessions and workshops will continue to deliver the same high-level insights and learnings as previous editions.

Furthermore, FLP Alumni will be invited to join and contribute to the active FLP Network, an online community launched in 2018 that offers a safe space for FLPers to exchange challenges and thoughts among peers, as well as to benefit from exclusive content shared by conference speakers, CEOs and thought-leaders.

Join us in our mission to build the exclusive network of the future C-level of our industry, connected to today’s leaders and built on the values expected of by today’s shoppers and consumers. We encourage you to carefully select the three or four highest-potential future leaders from your company, considering gender and other forms of diversity, to integrate into the FLP – and we ensure you that your company will get as much from this experience as your young leaders will.

The Ideal FLP Candidate

Candidates who best correspond to the selection criteria will be most able to contribute to, and benefit from, the FLP community.

We know great leaders never stop learning. Their development continues throughout their lives and the context in which they lead is always changing. The FLP seeks out and promotes the most up to date strategic insight, best practice exchanges around operations and the most compelling and relevant senior leadership lessons for high potential leaders who are acquiring their first divisional or functional management responsibilities.

FLP’s Core Values

We are committed to the CGF’s vision for a sustainable future.

We build the foundations for collaboration amongst the next generation of consumer industry leaders.

We believe in the power of external networks to enrich both individual companies and the industry as a whole.

We support leadership learnings at a critical stage in fast-track careers

We encourage programme members to be ambassadors for both their employers and the industry.

The 2019 Executive Summary
All the Updates

Retailer Participation

FLP was such a memorable experience! The three days were orchestrated in a way where presentations tied in perfectly with what we saw in the market as well as with what we learned about at the Harvard Masterclass. I feel very fortunate to have experienced FLP with so many (now) new friends from all around the world. I am looking forward to taking many learnings back to my organisation and help shape the future of consumer goods!


It was a wonderful experience to get-to-know all of these talented, energetic and passionate people. We had so many takeaways throughout the learnings. I loved the experience. Remember, that you have a friend living in Shanghai and let me know if you are here.


The FLP Conference was a unique experience. It was a real honour to participate across three fantastic days and learn so many new things. All the presentations were inspiring, driving full engagement and helping us get awareness on important topics such as purpose-driven leadership, collaborative initiatives, how our companies can drive results through data analytics and new ways of working, and getting organised. The Harvard Masterclass was amazing and the organisation was 100. I’m very grateful that McCain gave me this fantastic opportunity!


The FLP Conference is like no other – a chance to share learnings and discuss challenges with some of the brightest minds in the retail and CPG sector is enlightening. Added to which the range of speakers and topics discussed makes for a highly stimulating and challenging three days. Harvard masterclass? Definitely pushed the learning further!


I didn’t know what to expect initially; however, as I head home, I’m feeling very grateful for the experience, especially as I ended up having the most amazing time. Not only were the speakers I saw fantastic, I was also super impressed by the smooth and thoughtful production of the event. It was also a pleasure to get to know some of the delegates who were all super friendly, open, keen to learn and explore. The FLP has definitely made a difference to everyone attending this year’s programme.


Thanks to the organisers for a superb event with so much substance to its content. I enjoyed meeting everyone and have made many new friends in cities around the world. My big reflection on the FLP Conference 2019 is that we are all in a position of great influence, that the merger of retail, analytics and technology is a very exciting place to be now and that we need to move and act with purpose.


What an action-packed three days! Agenda was well organised and the speakers’ stories were a great way to inspire the group and relate it back: leadership, sustainability and being kind. The workshops built upon each other nicely, allowing for great group discussion and takeaways. And who can forget our Masterclass at Harvard Business School!


This was definitely the best conference I’ve ever been a part of. One key takeaway – successful organisations invest in intangible assets just as much, if not more, than tangible assets. Long-term success for any company is dependent on how invested their workforce is. I’d challenge everyone here to ask themselves, what are the values of your current company? What is your company’s mission? Is your voice heard? The success of future retailers and CPG manufacturers is just as much about how they create a positive culture as it is in their ability to analyse data, create efficiencies, and apply AI.


The 2019 Conference was a great experience for me in terms of learning from experts like McKinsey and Harvard Business School, learning from real life professionals and from each other. Everyone was ready to meet and share with each other, and this makes the FLP unique.


I was strongly impacted by the insights shared by the CEOs present at the conference. I gained access to a network of representatives from top corporations in the Retail industry, and I’d like to actively leverage this.


FLP is an incredible and unique experience that allows us to connect with other manufacturers and retailers across the globe. The conference themes of Data Analytics & Purpose-Driven Leadership very accurately represented both the challenges and the opportunities for the consumer goods industry. So many great speakers and content – thank you!


The FLP exists to create a network of young leaders that together can build a sustainable future for the consumer goods industry. Everyone involved, including the delegates, are committed to helping us tackle how and why. This is why I will continue to send my rising stars to this great event, and I encourage you to do the same: for everyone’s future.