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Monday 8th June

Implications of the Pandemic for the Global Economy and Geopolitics

Martin Wolf assesses the Covid-19 crisis impact on the economic and geopolitical landscape: will we experience the worst economic crisis since WW2? How will the balance of power be changed at the global level? 

Speaker: Martin Wolf, Chief Economics Commentator, The Financial Times


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Tuesday 9th June

Update on the Fight Against Covid-19

As a Special WHO Envoy on Covid-19, David Nabarro explores the latest medical outlook on the virus and more specific dimensions such as: escaping lockdowns in a way that supports lives and livelihoods; how to make societies more resilient to pandemics; implications for the Sustainable Development Goals and what that means for CEOs in the consumer industry.

Speakers: David Nabarro, Special Envoy on COVID-19, World Health Organization

Wednesday 10th June

Sustainability After the Crisis: Acceleration or Deceleration?

Alan Jope and Dave Lewis assess the impact of the current Covid-19 crisis on their respective sustainability agendas, with a focus on issues such as Food and Plastic Waste. They will share their vision of how to contribute to restore consumers and employees trust moving forwards, as well as how collaboration between manufacturers and retailers can contribute to advance such goals.

Speakers: Alan Jope, CEO, Unilever; Dave Lewis, CEO, Tesco


Thursday 11th June

The Next Normal: Which Business Transformation for Which Consumer?

The current crisis poses multifaceted challenges across industries, and especially to retailers on the front line of the global response. From understanding consumers’ shifting behaviors to devising new ways of working, businesses emerging from the Covid-19 crisis must develop and execute transformation schemes with speed to effectively serve employees, customers and communities in a fundamentally changed world. Judith McKenna, president and CEO of Walmart International, will share her unique global perspective and preliminary insights about how the company’s international unit is adjusting its strategy, and what other such transformations could look like.  

Speakers: Judith McKenna, President & CEO, Walmart International



Friday 12th June: 3:00pm – 4:00pm CEST

Implications for Consumer Attitudes and Behaviour

One of the key questions that the industry is facing moving forward is to what extent will consumers’ habits and behavior change: will we come back to “business as usual”? Will some of the trends observed during Covid-19 crisis remain and become permanent? Which impact on consumers’ trust and attitudes towards business? Our speakers will engage in a conversation that should allow us to cover these key questions East & West.

Speakers: Solitaire Townsend, Co-Founder, Futerra; Kevin Lee, COO, China Youthology; Scott McKenzie, Global Intelligence Leader, Nielsen

Tuesday, 23rd June, 6:00pm – 7:00pm CEST

How Your Shopper is Changing: What You Need to Know

This session contrasts the perspective of a top technology/data analytics company with that of a supermarket retailer. They look at channel shift, bricks and mortar vs. online and hybrid, how consumers now want to interact with retailers and transact commerce.

Speakers: Chris Reid, Executive VP, Mastercard; John Ross, CEO, IGA



Wednesday 24th June, 1:30pm – 2:30pm CEST

Towards a Circular Economy in a Post-Covid World

Emmanuel Faber and Ellen MacArthur share their vision on how best to promote a genuine circular economy in the post Covid-19 environment: how to move towards a more sustainable way of living and consuming? What will it take from business and consumer goods industry to adapt to a changing consumer paradigm? How should business and the non profit sector collaborate to move such an agenda forward?

Speakers: Emmanuel Faber, Chairman & CEO, Danone; Dame Ellen MacArthur, Founder, The Ellen MacArthur Foundation



Monday 29th June, 6:00pm – 7:00pm CEST

Front Line Workers: What’s the Winning Approach?

Human beings produce and sell our food — specifically, our industry’s front-line employees.  They are not highly compensated, our industry tends toward high turnover, and many workers are in their 50’s and 60’s, placing them in a high risk category for Covid-19.  According to the Washington Post, in early June, at least 100 US grocery store employees had died from coronavirus and over 5,500 more have tested positive.  Meanwhile, conditions in meat processing facilities – where employees typically work shoulder to shoulder – have led to high rates of viral infection, forcing some facilities to close. This, in turn, has disrupted the supply chain for animal protein and greatly exacerbated food waste.  Staggering numbers of animals are being euthanized on-farm because processing facilities simply cannot accommodate them.  Clearly, the health of our workforce has never been a more critical issue than it is today. Jobs that were once considered the first rung on the ladder of opportunity are now filled with “essential workers” whose constant exposure to others puts their lives at risk. 

Speakers: Peter McGuinness, President, Chobani; Darrell Jones, CEO, Save-on-Foods; Anu Gupta, COO, Jyve; Tom Heinen, CEO, Heinen’s Fine Foods



Tuesday 30th June, 3:00pm – 4:00pm CEST

The Future of Foodservice

Foodservice is a key channel for manufacturers, an employment driver that generates great emotional, social and economic value to consumers and communities. James Quincey and Chris Kempczinski will discuss what steps are being taken to support the re-opening and long-term recovery of foodservice. They will share how together we can partner as an industry to reimagine and explore new opportunities and further the channel’s economic and social impact.

Speakers: Chris Kempczinski, CEO, McDonalds; James Quincey, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, The Coca-Cola Company


Wednesday 1st July, 3:00pm – 4:00pm CEST

Self Care Redefined: Values & Behaviors Shaped by COVID-19

The pandemic dramatically changed consumer behavior – though we are starting to see some behaviors will sustain and some won’t.  Now more self-sufficient and self-directed when it comes to their health, consumers are their own greatest advocates. To help consumers make the right choices for themselves, it is critical they receive access to accurate, trusted information, services and solutions. Now as their own greatest advocate, (aka Dr. Me), easy access to information will empower consumers to do more at home. Research is replacing dwelling in the aisles and deciding at shelf. Can this be DIY? Does my store provide this? Could my pharmacist provide support? How will the role of the pharmacist change?

Speakers: Marcus Osbourne, Vice President of Health & Wellness Transformation, Walmart; Thibaut Mongon, Executive Vice President & Worldwide Chairman, Consumer Health, Johnson & Johnson; Manoj K. Raghunandanan, President of Global Self Care and Office of Marketing Value, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health


Friday 3rd July, 2:30pm – 3:15pm CEST

Post Covid: the Implications for the Consumer Goods Industry and CGF

Closing our Virtual Knowledge Series, our two Co-Chairs Emmanuel Faber and Özgür Tort take stock of the main insights as well as share a vision for the future. What is the impact of COVID-19 on the global economy and consumer behaviour? What is the outlook for our members? What lessons to be drawn for the CGF Coalitions of Action? What is unique about how the CGF can help address these challenges? How should the current generation of leaders, as well as the next generation, look at leadership? 

Speakers: Emmanuel Faber, Chairman & CEO, Danone; Ozgur Tort, CEO, Migros Ticaret