13-14 OCTOBER 2021

Global Conference

The Sustainable Retail Summit 2021


Learn first‐hand how companies are taking positive actions to drive change and overcome today’s biggest sustainability and health challenges. The 2021 edition of the SRS will be taking place virtually and in-person in Paris.

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The Evolving Face of Sustainability: Acting Today to Shape Tomorrow

The Sustainable Retail Summit is returning this October for the sixth annual edition. This year’s event will combine the virtual and the physical (here in Paris!)allowing you to connect and join your fellow delegates wherever you are, and however you want. 

The SRS brings together hundreds of the world’s industry leaders to dream big and inspire even bigger impacts.

Our industry has come a long way in dealing with today’s big challenges in sustainability and health and wellbeing, but there is still some way to go. The recent pandemic has further accelerated the shift into a “new era” of sustainability which is set to shape the industry. The event offers a unique opportunity to learn how we can adapt our business models and take positive action today to shape the future of the industry, the planet, and its people. 

Agenda Highlights

Over the course of two days, delegates will learn first-hand how companies are taking positive actions to drive progress and overcome today’s biggest sustainability and health challenges. Through a series of inspirational keynotes, plenary sessions, expert panels and breakouts, we will deep dive into the practical ways that we can accelerate change sustainably.

You will hear from a range of speakers on the following topics:

Leadership and best practices: Accelerating purpose-driven opportunities through forward-thinking companies

Health and Sustainability at a Crossroads: Unifying global health and sustainability concerns through industry actions

Sustainability in Business: Embedding sustainability up and down the value chain

Healthier Lives: Empowering healthy consumers globally & protecting employee wellbeing

Environmental Sustainability: Tackling food waste, plastic waste and building a forest-positive future

Social Sustainability: Driving individual and collective action to prevent negative human rights impacts

Technology and Innovation: Showcasing tech innovations to shape the sustainability agenda

True-code: Providing clear and accurate data to consumers, securing supply chains and proving commitment to sustainability

Healthy Green Recovery: Exploring a manifesto to shape positive change

Race to Zero: Unpacking the why for business and the how for within your organisation

Behaviour Change: Delving into the data science approach to drive healthier and sustainable habits

Views from Asia & Latam: Understanding health and sustainability regionally

The Green Pensions Charter: how pension funds can support building a better world through net zero carbon 


Hear From Global Leaders and Change Makers

Why Attend?
    The Sustainable Retail Summit will give international experts and influencers the opportunity to meet face-to-face, share best practices and network with colleagues and potential partners. It will offer learnings and new tips and tactics for your business. The conference will be the place for us to share knowledge and real-life success stories, and join stimulating debates on the top, global issues in our industry.
    Paul Crewe
    Executive Director and Chief Sustainability Officer
    Anthesis Group
    The Sustainable Retail Summit brings both retailers and manufacturers together to drive future collaboration.  The conference stirs up relevant debates and provide key learnings as well as inspiring stories in our industry.
    Franz Speer
    Corporate Director Industry Affairs | International Sales
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Who Attends the Sustainable Retail Summit?

  • Retailers, manufacturers, service providers
  • CGF members and non-members
  • Governmental and Institutional actors