As employers seek to ease the lockdown, many ethical dilemmas will need to be resolved. As the compassionate approach demonstrated by the leaders of countries such as New Zealand, Germany, Taiwan and Finland showed, there’s much to be said for moral decision-making based on the principles of care and benevolence.

Instead of attempting to defy the virus on the grounds that most people would be okay, these leaders locked down hard and early to protect as many people within their communities as possible. The result was a masterclass in the value of kindness, which is, if nothing else, putting other people’s needs above your own.

In the past, solutions would typically be based on moral frameworks that focus on the just application of rules and principles, even if they put some people at a disadvantage. But far from hindering progress, this type of decision-making known as “ethics of care” brings huge social, business and economic benefits because when the group thrives, the individuals within it thrive.