On S’Y Met (Let’s Do It) – Results 2022 



The Collaboration for Healthier Lives Coalition in France drives collective action of retailers, manufactueres and partners online and in-store to address the growing expectation of consumers in terms of healthier and more sustainable lives through flexitarian and plant-based recipes with the “On S’y Met – Let’s Do It!” initiative.  

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Taking a Multi-Stakeholder Approach to Flexitarian Diets

Collaboration for Healthier Lives (CHL) France aims to address the growing expectations of consumers in terms of wellbeing, healthier eating and self-care. This voluntary collaboration brings together private and public actors to work with a variety of local actors towards empowering consumers to live healthier lives and improving the quality of life for all.

In May 2023, Carrefour and Danone, co-chairs of CHL France, along with partners Alpro, Barilla, Bel, Bonduelle, Catalina, CPM, Savencia and Nutrition & Santé, convened at a Carrefour hypermarket in Montesson, for  the launch of the “Meilleur du Vegetal” project with the goal of promoting flexitarian diets and continuing collaborative efforts that empower  French consumers to live healthier lives.


A Timeline of CHL in France

  • CHL France Start a Movement in Lyon

    The movement began in the city of Lyon in the first semester of 2019 with a series of in-store activations.

  • CHL France Officially Launches

    The city of Lyon and the greater Lyon area is a region already heavily involved in the field of global health and nutrition issues, rich in multiple projects and actors working towards better eating habits. The serves as the perfect backdrop for CHL France’s key projects to empower consumers towards healthier decisions.

  • Key Stakeholders Continue to Join

    A variety of key stakeholders have joined the movement. They include: Carrefour, Danone, INSEAD, BCG, Elan Edelman, Publicis, INRA, Institut du Commerce, Auchan, METRO France, Fleury-Michon, Nestlé, The Coca-Cola Company, Procter & Gamble, Kenvue, Savencia, Elior, Médiaperformances, L’Oréal, Roamler, French Tech One Lyon Saint Etienne, Obiz, Bel and Food Chéri.

  • CHL France Wins 2021 SIRIUS Prize

    To meet the demand from consumers in France seeking better eating habits, Carrefour and Danone built an unprecedented partnership with several other major national brands: Barilla, Bel, Mars Food, Savencia and Unilever, with the support of The Consumer Goods Forum.

  • Results of On S'Y Met Digital and In-Store Campaign

    The digital and in-store initiatives resulted in over 70% of consumers increasing flexitarian products in their shopping baskets and yielded a 189% increase in sales.

  • CHL France Win 2022 SIRIUS Prize

    The in-store and digital collaborative initiative “Le Lundi C’est Veggie” “Mondays are Veggie” led through the CHL by Co-Chairs Carrefour and Danone with the engagement of Barilla, Bel, Bonduelle, Fleury Michon, Happyvore, Labeyrie, Nutrition Santé, Savencia and Unilever has won the prestigious SIRIUS Award in Sustainable Collaboration for encouraging the consumption of healthier and more sustainable recipes. This award which was held in Paris, 24th November 2022, showcases the importance of collaboration between key stakeholders which is vital to driving dietary change.

  • Healthier Lives’s Co-Chairs Carrefour and Danone Create Appetite For Flexitarian Diets with “Le Meilleur du Végétal”

    Carrefour and Danone along with partners Alpro, Barilla, Bel, Bonduelle, Catalina, CPM, Savencia and Nutrition & Santé, convened at a Carrefour hypermarket in Montesson, for  the launch of the “Meilleur du Vegetal” project.

Employee Health e-Learning Modules

Take part in our French e-learning course to learn how you can introduce a healthier diet and key physical actives into your lifestyle. You can access 16 modules where you can take a deep dive into crucial themes, from identifying healthier food groups and learning about nutrients and labels, to finding out about ideal physical exercises and getting necessary rest for you and your children. Kick-start your journey towards a healthier life here (in French only).  

Driving Healthier Baskets Collaboratively

Our partners at Institut du Commerce have developed a series of resources linked to ‘On S’y Met’.  For more information of how we are driving healthier baskets, collaboratively, have at look at their resources (in French only) and check out this infographic! (in English)