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The Business Case for Change


Launched in 2009, our Health & Wellness work was founded on the belief that the private sector has an important role to play in empowering consumers to live healthier lives and to being part of the solution to today’s leading health and wellbeing challenges. To support this, a number of industry-driven resolutions and commitments were introduced to help drive positive change and raise awareness across the industry.

Today, led by manufacturers, retailers, public health authorities and local communities, we are a global movement acting at the origins of healthier decisions. We experiment, innovate and evolve business models, sharing data at-scale so that healthier decisions become easy and habitual for people in every community around the world.

People want to live healthier lives and expect our industry to play a role to help them meet their health and wellbeing needs.

The private sector can, and should, help people adopt healthier lifestyles. There is a clear opportunity for business to really make a contribution to public health and a culture of prevention, and members of the CGF acknowledge this fact as part of a shared responsibility.

Through collaboration we will test new approaches and share best practices in nudging people’s behaviour to healthier practices. CGF members are recognising the immense potential of community-based initiatives to deliver meaningful behaviour change.

With our flagship initiative ‘Collaboration for Healthier Lives’ (CHL), the CGF is creating a collective movement, with players sharing three common convictions:

By acting together retailers, manufacturers and local stakeholders can engage towards healthier behaviours.

Being a convening platform for stakeholders, public health authorities to learn and impact at scale.

Driving shared value to support society in a sustainable manner through good business.

CEO-led from Start to Finish

Emmanuel Faber, Chairman & CEO, Danone: “We believe that each time we eat and drink, we can vote for the world we want. With healthier choices, education, and care for the wellness of both people and the planet for present and future generations, we can be a catalyst for change: of course it will take a collective effort from all of us as an industry, and CGF is the platform we have to create a better world together”.


Mark Schneider, CEO, Nestlé: “One of the ambitions of the CGF is to empower people to lead healthier lives. The Health & Wellness initiative helps us to achieve this by offering an open platform for collaboration and best practice. I invite all companies, small and large, to join us in this collective effort. Every contribution counts”.

The Health & Wellness Framework



To bring to life our vision of a collective business movement to empower people to live healthier lives and drive shared business value, and to build on the success of our resolutions and commitments, our strategy today consists of three strategic pillars:

Employees: Driving health and wellness programmes for the 10 million employees of the CGF member companies.

Stores in Action: Leading business innovation in-store to make healthier choices easy.

Digital: Nudging behavioural change and encouraging community participation with digital tools.

Our work on Health & Wellness is also supporting the broader UN goals for sustainable development. More specifically, we are playing our part to end hunger, promote good health and well-being and build effective partnerships.


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