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The Business Case for Change


We believe that the consumer goods industry – food, beverage, personal care and hygiene companies; both large and small – can make a unique contribution to today’s global and local health and wellbeing opportunities. In doing so, we can legitimately support growth by addressing unmet consumer needs, building consumer trust and strengthening our industry’s reputation.

Our vision is to take a proactive, leadership role in empowering, healthy consumers globally. We have anticipated the shifting needs and desires of our consumers and employees and have developed products, services and programmes that help them lead fuller, healthier, longer and more productive lives.

Our current agenda is galvanised by a collective commitment to demonstrate leadership, empower people and address the dietary and lifestyle habits that are leading to non-communicable diseases (NCDs).

Participation ensures you have a seat at the table and access to actionable content and information. Consumer needs are changing, and participating in the CGF provides a much better idea on the dynamic and how to recognise shifts in society. It promotes a proactive approach based on the latest information, allowing us to learn from each other and foster an environment for effective collaboration. Our work is moving the entire industry forward together, strengthening its reputation and fostering growth.

Our work is also supporting the broader UN goals for sustainable development.

End Hunger & Improve Nutrition

Healthy Lives and Wellbeing

SDG 17
Strengthen Global Partnerships

Our industry is facing a clear call to action. People want to live healthier lives and expect our industry to play a role to help them meet their health and wellbeing needs. At the same time, several of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); notably SDG 3 (Healthy Lives and Wellbeing), SDG 2 (End Hunger & Improve Nutrition) and SDG 17 (strengthen global partnerships) – demand coordinated industry action. By working together, our industry can provide support to governments and local, public health authorities in areas that include:

  • Providing affordable & accessible products/services that help people manage health conditions, feel good about themselves and their bodies, and make healthier lifestyle & diet choices.
  • Collaborating across the industry to make the retail store (and online) the destination for inspiration to enable healthy lifestyles.
  • Working with our 10 million employees to support their healthy lifestyles and help them make a difference to the wellbeing of the wider population.
  • Providing knowledge and resources to support the public health agenda and the aim for better health in communities across the globe.

The private sector can, and should, help people adopt healthier lifestyles. There is a clear opportunity for business to really make a contribution to public health and a culture of prevention, and members of the CGF acknowledge this fact as part of a shared responsibility. However, it will require collective, cross-sectoral action. In-line with the CGF agenda, we continue to engage with external stakeholders to develop innovative solutions and drive positive change that delivers long-term results.

After all, what’s good for the consumer is good for business.

Download Our Framework

See exactly how our members are working together on the topics that matter by downloading our Health & Wellness Framework.



The Health & Wellness Framework

We want to go beyond the basics of compliance and build flagship moments for our industry. To achieve this, we need to focus on topics where we can have the greatest, positive impact and use our industry strengths to collaborate and innovate to help people live healthier lives. We must achieve greater credibility and trust amongst consumers, public health authorities and other important stakeholders. We must collaborate with governments and civil society.

We also need greater retailer-manufacturer collaborations and scaling up of programmes that bring together many-to-many to help inspire healthier communities and create a culture of prevention. We believe Collaboration for Healthier Lives and Employee Health & Wellbeing offer an opportunity for positive change. We aspire to drive our members’ time towards these leadership topics to ensure maximum progress while continuing to support our other public commitments and focus areas.

However, in order to achieve a collaborative leadership role, our industry must also do the fundamentals right. This dimension of the framework represents what companies should be doing to meet our ongoing commitments, and we will continue to support members taking action in these areas. We also expect members to be transparent in both their communications and their reporting.

Engaging Global Stakeholders

Also core to our mission to empower health consumers globally is our ability to create a strong platform for engagement with key stakeholders and to work collaboratively with them to help ensure a positive and measurable impact on the global health and wellness agenda. We are committed to working together to build partnerships that inspire healthier diets and lifestyles.

To implement this goal, the Health & Wellness Steering Committee established a Stakeholder Engagement & Management roadmap. This roadmap outlines connections with key stakeholders in the health ecosystem, building on our extensive global network and relationships. We currently enjoy strong relationships with a number of global, regional and local associations with whom we share information and best practices. We seek out relationships that enhance and grow the CGF as “your organisation”, committed to the enrichment of the shoppers and the consumers that our members serve.

Our global mapping document showcases many of the global and regional industry initiatives to stimulate health and wellness and be a key partner for positive change in the health ecosystem. Recent partnerships with PAHO Foundation and Healthy Washington County also showcase the work we are doing in this area.