PARIS, FRANCE — The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) is very pleased to welcome Cédric Dever as Director of the Plastic Waste Coalition of Action (PWCOA). As the CGF’s newest director, Cédric will support 42 CEOs from the manufacturing and retail sectors working to eliminate plastic waste in the environment, whether land or sea.

“Cédric is a strategic leader in sustainability, specializing in circular economy initiatives and innovative sustainable plastic solutions,” said Wai-Chan Chan, Managing Director of The Consumer Goods Forum. “Cédric brings 20 years of experience and expertise in circular and sustainable plastic packaging to his new role at the CGF — including experience at leading consumer goods companies such as L’Oréal, Ikea, and Danone. I’m thrilled he is joining our team at The CGF.”

Most recently, as a plastic packaging expert at the Boston Consulting Group, Cédric supported companies developing their circularity and sustainability packaging strategy and reviewing the consequences of existing and future plastic regulations on their business. Cedric’s extensive academic background, including a PhD in Polymer Chemistry, coupled with 18 patented technologies and four startups issued from his work also underscore his career-long dedication to innovation and sustainability.

“I am very happy to join the CGF and to support our members, retailers and manufacturers, in their journey to circular plastics, said Cédric. “Via our collaborative approach,our members will drive a positive change on plastic waste.”

The CGF PWCOA take a collaborative approach to accelerating industry progress towards the New Plastics Economy through various initiatives and workstreams, including advancing the uptake of the nine “Golden Design Rules” of plastic packaging design by leading consumer goods companies — critical to the shift to plastics circularity.

Cédric is French and has lived in Belgium, Sweden and Australia.

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